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Coleman Powermate Generator Parts

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One of the oldest companies of its kind, Coleman have been in business since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1987, they created a separate unit, named Powermate, that became the part in charge of manufacturing generators. They make two different types of generators – portable units and those that can’t be transported, but are suitable for both households and construction sites. You can check out some of the Coleman Powermate generator parts by going through this list.

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Coleman Powermate Parts NameBuy / Search Online
Air Cleaner Assembly & Baseamazon / ebay
Air Filter Coveramazon / ebay
Air Filtersamazon / ebay
Alternatorsamazon / ebay
Anti Vibration Mountsamazon / ebay
Batteries (Battery, Cable, Charger)amazon / ebay
Bearings & Bushingsamazon / ebay
Belts (Timing, V)amazon / ebay
Breatheramazon / ebay
Brushesamazon / ebay
Camshaftamazon / ebay
Capacitorsamazon / ebay
Carburetor (Carburetors, Choke Lever, Gaskets, Kit)amazon / ebay
Circuit Breakeramazon / ebay
Connecting Rodsamazon / ebay
Control Boards (Panel, Circuit)amazon / ebay
Coversamazon / ebay
Crankshaftamazon / ebay
Cylinder Headamazon / ebay
Diode Assemblyamazon / ebay
Dipstickamazon / ebay
Flywheelamazon / ebay
Framesamazon / ebay
Fuel Filter Parts (Filters, Lines)amazon / ebay
Fuel Pumps & Diaphragmsamazon / ebay
Fuel Tanksamazon / ebay
Gas Cans & Accessoriesamazon / ebay
Gas Caps (4 Cycle, Gauge)amazon / ebay
Gasketsamazon / ebay
Governor (Gear, Control, Spring)amazon / ebay
Handlesamazon / ebay
Hose Clampamazon / ebay
Hour Metersamazon / ebay
Ignition Parts (Coil, Module, Key, Switches)amazon / ebay
Lift & Wheel Kitsamazon / ebay
Low Oil / Oil Pressure Switchamazon / ebay
Lubricants, Chemicals & Oilsamazon / ebay
Maintenance Kitsamazon / ebay
Mufflers & Accessories (Guard, Intake)amazon / ebay
Nuts, Bolts & Screwsamazon / ebay
Oil Caps, Drain, Extractor, Plugamazon / ebay
Oil Filtersamazon / ebay
Oil Sealsamazon / ebay
O Ringamazon / ebay
Pistons & Piston Ringsamazon / ebay
Plugs & Connectorsamazon / ebay
Power Cordsamazon / ebay
Pulleysamazon / ebay
Quiet Mufflersamazon / ebay
Receptacleamazon / ebay
Relayamazon / ebay
Remote Control Kitsamazon / ebay
Rocker Armsamazon / ebay
Rotors & Statorsamazon / ebay
Sealsamazon / ebay
Solenoidsamazon / ebay
Spark Plugsamazon / ebay
Springsamazon / ebay
Starter Parts (Recoil, Handle, Rope, Pawls)amazon / ebay
Startersamazon / ebay
Thermostatsamazon / ebay
Throttle & Control Cablesamazon / ebay
Transfer Switchesamazon / ebay
Valve Assemblyamazon / ebay
Valves (Exhaust, Intake, Cap)amazon / ebay
Voltage Regulatoramazon / ebay
Water Pumpsamazon / ebay
Wheels (Plastic, Steel)amazon / ebay
Wiring Harnessamazon / ebay

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4 comments | Add One

  1. Keith O'Gorman - 11/27/2022 at 1:34 pm

    Have a Coleman Powermate M:PM52A5302 S: 65610635 Watts: 5,000. Looking to convert to electric start, is a 12 Volt DC motor available for this generator. If so, please provide a provider and/or the part number for the required parts. Thank you for your assistance.

  2. Jose Lopez - 01/3/2023 at 5:42 am

    hi I need the exact fit of oil seal for a coleman powermate 6875 generator.
    thanks for your assistance.

  3. Joe - 08/16/2023 at 12:17 am

    Looking for parts or info on a Powermate 1000 Model pm0301010

  4. tyler - 09/21/2023 at 12:48 pm

    I have a coleman powermate 6250/5000 WATTS
    and my generator starts but makes no power. I have power at the rectififer and the stator but seems to be the power board behind the panel with all the outlets, the green board w/ all the diodes on it. can you source me a board or help me with it please.?

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