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Best Generators for a DJ Setup

If you’re looking for a generator for your DJ setup it’s likely you may have a lot of questions: What type of generator should I buy? What size generator do I need? What will this cost me? – And the list goes on. The truth is, even purchasing a regular generator can be a daunting task and when it comes to a DJ system there are certain features that you should look for. In this post we’re bringing you three of the best generators for a DJ setup but first we’ll give you some buying guide tips!

Buying Guide For Finding The Best Generator For DJ Setup 2023

Determine How Much Power / Watt You Need
Check the labels on your DJ equipments (CDJ/turnable, mixers, laptop computer, speakers etc.) — it should say the amps or watts and add these numbers up. If you can’t find this info, you can head over to your manufacturers website. For example, if you have a Pioneer CDJ then you can go to Pioneer and you might be able to find your hardware specs.

Use this formula to calculate the total wattage you need:
Amps x Volts = Watts or Amps = Watts / Volts

Here’s an example table of amps for a typical DJ system:

EquipmentAmps (estimate)
x2 CDJ1 + 1 = 2 amps
x1 Mixer1 amp
x1 Laptop1 amp
x2 Speakers8 + 8 = 16 amps
x1 Subwoofer3 amps
TOTAL Amps:23 amps

So in the example table above, the total amps is: 23. Using our formula above we can calculate the total wattage we need: 23amps x 120volts = 2760watt

Your system requires 2760 watt. It’s highly recommended to allow for some head room due to power surge and safety so in this case you will need at least a 3000 watt generator.

This is just an example and you may need less or more power than this. The table above is just an example and you may have other things such as lighting system, bigger speakers and subwoofer etc. or maybe you have less equipments which obviously means smaller generator.

Use Surge Protector
Protect your equipment and make sure to run them through a surge protected powerstrip. You obviously don’t want to damage your expensive DJ equipments.

Quiet Generator / Noise Reduction Technology
Make sure to purchase a generator that’s not loud. The only thing the guests at your party should be hearing is music not the sound of your generator. I don’t think you want to be mixing with a loud generator either.

Average Runtime
The generator you purchase should have a long runtime to ensure that you do not run out of fuel while working. Other convenient features include automatic voltage regulation, which prevents damage to devices such as your computer.

So with that being said, what are the best generator for DJ? We highly recommend the Honda EU series generator — the Honda brand is highly recommended by many DJs, they are not the cheapest but worth the investment. They will last for many years and have very clean power. Below we also listed our TOP 3 picks overall.

Our Pick for Best Generators for a DJ Setup 2023

1. Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator


This popular model will bring your sound system to life with 2000 watts of power to keep your speakers functioning. It is compactly designed with a powerful Honda GX100 engine but weighs only 46 pounds for easy movability. Thanks to the inclusion of an Eco-Throttle System, the EU2000i reduces fuel consumption to up to 40% than traditional units. It runs at 53 to 59 decibel level making it super quiet, as low as the conversation between two people. More importantly this generator provides stable power for computers and other sensitive devices that may be connected to your DJ sound system.

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2. Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator


Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator delivers a maximum 2000 wattage to bring your speaker and sound system equipment to life. It is equipped with a high quality 79cc 4-stroke OHV engine and a cast iron cylinder which helps to improve engine efficiency compared to other generators. Despite its small 1.1 gallon gas tank, it has a minimum runtime of 10.5 hours at 25% load. This is impressive for any sound system generator. Also, since this generator features Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) it usually exhaust smooth sine wave that will help to keep the atmosphere in your party clean and sophisticated.

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3. Honda EU3000iS Portable Inverter Generator


Here’s a dependable inverter generator to keep the music pumping at your next DJ gig. It is offered with remarkable noise reduction technology with a low decibel level of 49 to 58. Built with Honda’s exclusive Eco-Throttle System the EU3000iS can operate for as long as 20 hours making it ideal for long outdoor overnight gatherings. The throttle not only helps to modify the engine speed it also moderates exhaust fumes keeping your surrounding clean at all times. The best part is, the EU3000iS is designed to be lightweight so you can easily move from one gig to the next.

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Renting a generator for your DJ gig?
If you don’t have the budget or perhaps you only need a generator for a one-time gig or event then you can definitely rent a generator. Just head over to your nearest hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes etc.) and they will help you out with the process.

We hope this guide helps you out. There are certainly a number of generators you can buy and process a lot of information. Simply follow the guide above and you will find the right generator for you. Good luck!

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