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Magnetic Power Generator

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A magnetic power generator is different from many other engine powered generators in the market. It presents a novel energy production capability which does not rely on fuels or produce emissions like those of large electronics facilities. A magnetic generator does away with the electrical energy that gets lost between the generator itself to your home, and thus, is a direct and waste less power system that is self contained.

How A Magnetic Power Generator Works

Basically, a magnet generator is powered by magnets. Magnets set on opposing poles will deflect each other. With this premise, if magnets were to be placed in an inner circular wheel, with another group of magnets facing them on an outer wheel, they would be deflecting each other indefinitely. And because there is no friction between the opposing sides, the movement would last a great deal longer. This perpetual motion machine is the pillar of every magnetic generator construction.

Magnetic power generators still have to generate power by creating the flow of electrons, which is accomplished by spooling copper wires around some cylinders in the inner wheel and pairing them up with another set of magnets on the outer one. This creates a typical dynamo setup, which produces electricity through the process of electromagnetism. The electrons can be harnessed in the form of pins in the machine. Pair this with the perpetual motion machine and free, unlimited energy can be yours with a cheap setup and good enough workmanship skills.

Pros of a Magnetic Power Generator

The magnetic generator business has advertised itself as a better sustainable energy source especially now that energy prices are always at their peak. Coal plants, the most used energy source is not a sustainable resource and many estimates range as to when we will deplete our fuel supply. Magnetic generators, done in a large enough scale and with technological efficiency, may be the best alterative not only in it being a fuel-less system, but also because these do not produce harmful emissions.

The do it yourself system these come in will be very attractive to those into home improvement and electrical systems, and are detailed enough that most novices have success without much past experience. Some may find it difficult to tinker with these things, but there are also others that are happy and comfortable with working with their hands. These setups promise to be cheap, and they are. Most of these items can be found in hardware stores and home improvement centers.

Cons of a Magnetic Powered Generator

Again, the do it yourself nature of these setups mean that some will not try them out for the one and only reason that they have to work in order to make it.
Another is that being an old enough technology (with its roots in the 1200’s) , there seems to be little testing and regulation with this type of product, and this may lead to complications or hazards.

Buying Guide/Tips

Most of these are made by the user, and this can be made to the specific needs, so the quality and output of these generators are entirely dependent on the maker. You can try making your own as well.

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  1. Ronald Hacker - 12/26/2022 at 2:55 pm

    Where can I purchase a magnetic generator?

  2. kara bua - 01/4/2023 at 9:17 pm

    hi could anyone help connect me with someone in the bay area(near los gatos,ca) who can make and install this for my parents? they live in the foothills of santa cruz and power outtage is common every winter. they are looking to figure out a system! thanks for any leads!!

  3. Lenny Reddy - 04/22/2024 at 12:34 pm

    Where can I purchase a magnetic power generator for my home that can produce at minimum 60kWh per day?

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