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SDMO Generators

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SDMO is a company based in Brest, North West France. It is a generator manufacturer that specializes in the production of diesel generators. SDMO Industries has been designing, manufacturing and installing power plants from 1 kVA to 3,300 kVA since 1966. The company has grown and expanded its product line to include gas generators, wind power plants, and solar power plants.

About and History of SDMO

SDMO believes in product improvement and innovation. This is why SDMO is now one of the world’s leading diesel generator suppliers. The company designs and manufactures to meet consumers’ energy needs. The company offers various models that fit different applications. SDMO continues to develop its values ​​and strengthen its position as a market leader in its industry.

Technological knowledge combined with high-tech manufacturing processes gives Kohler Power Systems EMEA the necessary skills to handle the design phase of all products, including those for sensitive industries.

What Type Of Generators Do SDMO Sell?

SDMO’s product line is vast. The company offers multiple types of generator sets designed to meet customers’ requirements.

• For professional builders and the general public, SDMO offers motor pumps, and low-energy and welding aggregates.
• Emergency power stations for individual apartments and small buildings with multiple residents.
• Standard configurable power plants, medium to high power. They are used for permanent or backup power supply.
• Generator sets for rental companies.

Besides SDMO’s product line. The company also offers its customers custom generator design created to fulfill their exact purpose. Moreover, SDMO also offers electrical and mechanical training to ensure that the product is looked after.

How much are SDMO Generators?

The prices of SDMO generators vary depending on the size and type of the generator. The prices also depend on the features and specifications of the generator. For example, a portable generator is less expensive than a stationary one. You can always head on to google and check the price list according to your area.

SDMO Generators Dealers

SDMO generators are sold by dealers in many parts of the world. You can find a dealer for this brand in your area by following these steps:

• Search for SDMO generator dealers in your country on Google or Google Maps.
• Contact the dealer and ask them if they sell generators from this brand.

Find SDMO Generators Dealers Near Me

SDMO Generators Warranty

If you are the original purchaser, the manufacturer of SDMO provides a warranty for a period of two years or one thousand (1,000) hours. The system should not be worked upon by an external party and should only be maintained and operated in accordance with SDMO guidelines

Are SDMO Generators Good?

Kohler Power Systems EMEA puts its engineering expertise into practice by designing custom power plants and offering other high-value-added services. Commitment to quality is guaranteed by certifications that ensure timely delivery and high performance of all their products. The company’s major clientele is industrial users.

SDMO offers products that are suited for a wide range of applications. The company focuses on fulfilling customers’ requirements and offers a vast range of configurable generators.

The generators can provide both continuous and backup power depending upon the requirement. Generators are guaranteed to provide undisrupted energy in case of a power outage or an insatiable electric flow from the main supply. Similarly, in areas that lack power grids, the generators can provide an undisturbed continuous flow of energy.

Out of concern for the environment, the sound level of the generators can also be configured to be low. SDMO generators are sound-proofed industrial power plants. Therefore, they offer user comfort in terms of noise.

Who Makes SDMO Generators? Where Are SDMO Generators Made?

SDMO is a global French industrial generator manufacturer that produce a wide range of products, including generators. Since 2016 the company changed the name to become Kohler SDMO a subsidiary of Kohler Company. SDMO designs, manufactures his generator from the three plants in France. The company has 8 subsidiaries in Germany, Argentina, Belgium Brazil, Spain, USA, UK and Nigeria.

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  1. Phil Faris - 01/2/2023 at 11:11 pm

    I’m looking for a syndiesel and biodiesel generator–but was hoping to find a diesel “turbine” engine powering the generator. Do you know of any or have an explanation for why a small diesel turbine engine isn’t as good as an internal combustion version?

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