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SDMO Generator Repair

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Kohler SDMO is an industrial generator manufacturer which is an associate of Kohler Company that promises quality in all its products. But, as we all know, machines can sometimes be tricky no matter how good quality they are. In case you run into a problem, stay calm, and do not panic, you can fix your SDMO generator easily at home by following this article. If that does not work, you can always take it to the nearest professional repair shop to fix it for you.

SDMO Generator Troubleshooting


There are various reasons and fixtures for generator troubleshooting, there is a short guide for you below. Generators often run into trouble with batteries. Since batteries are degradable, they wear down with time. This may cause trouble starting the generator. Keep a close check on the batteries to ensure whether they are in optimal condition or a replacement is required.

If the generator’s speed is sometimes fast or slow, you should check whether the speed governing system is flexible. Also if the air is mixed in the oil pipeline. If there is an abnormal noise then stop the engine and inspect each movable part carefully.

If you’re looking for SDMO generator repair and service manual check out the books or instructions below:

Go to Kohlerpower official website, then hover the “Products” link in the header menu. From there, find the “Troubleshooting” link where you will find more information.

You can also go here to find SDMO generator parts diagram and manual for many generator models or find SDMO generator physical manual on eBay.

SDMO Generator DIY Repair


Your generator could sometimes give you a hard time with the commonest and easy-to-fix issues. Starting from checking you have enough fuel; Is the starter lever in the down position? Is there enough oil in your engine? Is fuel visible in the engine, is it clear? etc.

Watch this video given below that discusses the issues in more depth in case you are unable to identify them. Or you could always head on to the Kohler SDMO original site and check out the troubleshooting guide according to your generator type.

SDMO Generator Local Repair Shops Near Me and Certified Repair Service


Most of the issues you face regarding your generator can be solved with the tips given above. However, in case it still does not fix, you can take it to a repair shop.

To find a certified repair service near you, visit the official webpage of SDMO and click on the ‘find a distributor’ link. It’ll provide you with some local repair shops (if any) where you can take your SDMO generator. » SDMO Generator support.

Find SDMO Generators Repair Shops Near Me

Popular SDMO Generator Models


SDMO produces generating sets in various categories such as generating sets for construction sites, renovation, exceptional emergencies, leisure and caravanning, etc.
Some of the most popular models include;
• Perform 3000 C5
• HX 3000 TB UK C5
• Prestige 3000 C5

This post concludes all the necessary information you will be needing in case you hit a dead end with your SDMO generator from DIY fixes to repair shops.

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