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Kohler Power Generators

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About and History of Kohler Power

Although Kohler is widely known for their kitchen and bath products in general, people should be aware that they are also part of the industry that provides back up power for consumers and needs of different origins. In fact, their operations can be traced back to the 1920s and they have earned a reputation in manufacturing quality products of the said line, whatever the size, shape and price range.

1873 – Production of cast iron and steel due to the purchase of the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry by the then immigrant, John Michael Kohler.
1883 – The creation of the Kohler bath tub and their entry into the business of plumbing.
1920 – Expansion of product line to target the rural farm market, and this through the inclusion of generators. The Kohler Automatic Power & Light was then put up as their first electric plant or product per se. It assisted in the chores of pumping water and manning lights. Thus, the farm life was improved with the possibility of heating water and baths.
1929 – Admiral Richal Byrd pursued his Antartic trip and Kohler contributed by the 5 “electric plants” they supplied. Two out of the five was able to make the base camp cozy and with electricity.
1934 – The admiral’s return trip; Even with the generators running out of power and being dormant for five years, it was still successfully used by the mere act of drying the spark plugs and the engines being reprimed.
Postwar to mid 40s – Expansion of ranges for the kilowatt capacities.
Early 1950s – Moving on to the larger scales powered by diesel.

What Type of Generators Do Kohler Power Sell?

Residential – There are many chores handled in homes, and while power outs are possible to happen, it is best to be armed with a back up. Thus, Kohler provides generators which can handle 8.5 to 100 kw for such needs.

Marine – Boating requires a good amount of back up while being left with the prospect of no permanent outlet to let electricity run to power appliances and motors. Both diesel and gasoline fuel may be used for the models under this classification.

How much are Kohler Power Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Kohler makes available portable generators, industrial and commercial generators, and marine generators. As a brand known for quality and satisfactory consumer products, their generators’ prices vary from around $500 to $18000+. The portable generators are the cheapest, while the industrial power systems are the most expensive.

Kohler Power Generators Dealers

You can buy any Kohler generator unit on their official website and likewise get directed to dealers nearest to you from the same. Here is how to find the one near you:
• On the home page of kohlerpower.com
• Scroll down and keep your gaze on the right side
• You will come across a box with FIND A DEALER, click on it
• Fill appropriately

Find Kohler Power Generators Dealers Near Me

Kohler Power Generators Warranty

Three years warranty is provided for the pro series, and it covers residential and rental use. But the Gen series is given three years for residential use and 90 days for professional use. This warranty is limited to repair, replacement of products or parts.

Are Kohler Power Generators Good?

The brand has proven to be reliable and dependable. The standby generator senses and switches ON when there is a power outage. It has been commended for its ability to cope and function well in a harsh environment. Even though some users complained about a few generators from Kohler, they are very versatile and will serve you for a long time.

Who Makes Kohler Power Generators? Where Are Kohler Power Generators Made?

Kohler Power is a brand of generators produced by Kohler power Group,owned by the company Kohler Co. Kohler Co. is a global manufacturer of power generation and other products that is headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, USA. Kohler had been making its generators locally at the facility in Wisconsin USA but recently started outsourcing some of its engines from China.

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