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Generator For Your DJ Setup? Here’s What You Need to Know

Power generators have made it possible for us to take entertainment from inside our homes to the backyard and other areas that are normally without electricity. As a DJ, having a reliable source of power is important to keep your audience entertained, whether you’re inside a club or by the poolside.

In this post we’ll give you a few tips on how to find the right generator for your next DJ gig.

Tips To Follow When Buying a Generator For A DJ Sound System:

Watts generated


Do the math to determine what wattage the generator should carry to power the speakers and other equipment on your sound system. Audio amplifiers will generally account for the majority of the power. Look at the specs on each piece of equipment and total the power consumption. The generator you purchase should carry a wattage higher that what is required to power all of the equipment.

Noise level

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The last thing you want is exhaust sounds from the generator echoing over your music. As such, it’s important that you purchase a generator with noise reduction features. Inverter generators are generally quieter than regular generators and most feature sponge dampening materials that reduce engine sounds.

Run time on a tank of gas


Purchase a generator with a long runtime to ensure that there are no interruptions while DJing. If the generator carries a long runtime that means that you will not have to refuel the tank often. At average, try to find a generator that carries a runtime of at least 10 hours at half-load.

Automatic Transfer Switch


You may want to ensure that your generator comes with smart features such as an Automatic Transfer Switch. An automatic transfer switch will instantly power on the generator when there is no electricity in the circuits to avoid interruptions. Once electricity is restored the switch will turn off the generator. This is important to prevent back feed into the power grid.

Automatic Voltage regulation


A sound system usually includes sensitive equipment such as a computer. This feature will advert damage to these equipment by monitoring voltage fluctuations that can be harmful. Many portable generators today come with automatic voltage regulation.



Find a generator with enough outlets for you to connect your equipment. You may also need heavy duty extension cords to connect each piece of equipment to the generator and be sure to position the generator away from your audience.



Price does not equal quality but at the same time purchasing a bad unit may end up costing you more by damaging your equipment. Try to stick to your budget and find the best unit you that can afford. This will require that you do some research and weigh all your options until you find the right generator.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety measures when using a generator for a DJ gigs. This not only guarantees your safety but also the safety of your audience while they enjoy your music.

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