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Hybrid Power Generator

When solar power and wind energy are combined into a new hybrid power generator unit, they are becoming one of the best ways to help our nation free itself of dependency on foreign oils. The eco-friendly hybrid power generator is a variable speed and load adaptive electrical system that will govern the power gathered from other sources like solar and wind. Experts say, it delivers high quality power at a steady and consistent voltage, creating a frequency that is suitable for all kind of loads. It means that the system will be able to power all kinds of modern appliances and other types of electronic equipment. Hybrid power generators are far more economical than any of the other types of generators. Users boast of saving up to 70% in fuel. The system is also rated with a 300% longer engine life than other types of generator applications.

How a Hybrid Power Generator Works

The hybrid power generator is one of the most reliable sources of alternative energy that there is today. It uses the solar energy from the sun and combines it with the energy of the wind, both creates an energy source that’s consistent, dependable and renewable. It uses solar panels to collect the light from the sun and then converts it into usable power and energy. It uses wind turbines to collect powerful energy from the wind. Inside are solar/wind charge controllers that will regulate the entire charging process of the energy before it stores it into the generator’s battery banks. Inside the battery bank, an inverter is located, that will change the power current of the energy gathered, from DC to AC, which will be used to power the home, or business.

Pros of a Hybrid Power Generator

The main advantage of the hybrid power generator is that there is never peak operating time for wind or sun power. Thus, you will not experience any type of power outages. Also, its reserve power can be stored up to three full days in the system’s battery banks. The hybrid power generator system has also been uniquely designed as a stand-alone operation. This means that it will always be operated in an off the grid manner that is never connected to any type of commercial power system. When the generator’s power reserves run low, the internal controllers will automatically start the generator, so that it will always be ready to supply power and will always be charging its bank of batteries.

Cons of a Hybrid Power Generator

The few disadvantages to consider about the hybrid power generator, is that may be times in the winter months, when the wind and sun are not being consistent and are changing frequently. It can also have an uncertain effect on wildlife, like migratory birds. More research is needed to learn about the direct affects hybrid power generators have on the environment.

Buying Guide/Tips

If you consider buying a hybrid power generator, you have made the choice to go green for the planet. You can go online to find out more information about this generator type. You can also contact the better business bureau to find out which company is a reputable dealer. Most companies will offer you competitive prices, no tax, free delivery, and low cost installation.

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