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Diesel Power Generator

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Buying a diesel powered generator has many advantages as well as disadvantages associated with use, price and efficiency. As with other generators, diesel generators are also able to keep electricity and communications available which is a priority in emergency cases.

How a Diesel Power Generator Works

A diesel generator is a combination of a diesel engine and an alternator to produce electricity. For portable sets, the general amounts available are 8-30kW. The efficiency of these generators are rated at being the most cause and effect being that diesel generators will consume .28-0.4 liters per kilowatt hour. There is low maintenance costs in regards to diesel generators, as there are no spark plugs or carburetors to have to deal with in diesel generators. This alone causes less maintenance fees. They do still have the other necessary components, an engine, a voltage regulator, cooling system and a battery charger.

Pros of a Diesel Power Generator

The only major maintenance required is the oil change in the generator. When done properly over the years, the diesel generator will outlast gas powered generators. Diesel fuel is safer than gasoline fuel. It has a better shelf life and is not as flammable as gasoline and is not required to be replaced as frequently. Diesel generators are also commonly used during peak times as a secondary feed for utility grids.

Cons of a Diesel Power Generator

The downfall of purchasing diesel powered generators are many. Consider the fact that diesel fueled machines, trucks, generators and home maintenance tools run at a very high decibel. The noise level of diesel generators are very loud. Also a major con is the visibility of diesel exhaust. These generators have smoke coming out of them when in use, which causes pollutants in the air and carbon monoxide. Installation of diesel generators are typically twenty to forty feet away from the home or business because of the noise and smoke.

Diesel fuel costs more than gasoline and that of natural gas. During cold weather it is common for diesel to become glutenous. It is harder to start the generator during cold weather because diesel needs to be close to room temperature.

Buying Guide/Tips

Diesel power generators do have the pros mentioned earlier, they have less maintenance fees, and upkeep fees are less as well and they also are not as flammable compared to natural gas and gasoline. A typical generator will last on average about 1000 hours in its lifetime. A diesel generator will typically last around 30,000 hours if taken care of properly. When buying diesel powered generators, always check online for the best available rate, cost and functionality. It may be wise to have a professional installer setup your generator, as that person will know how to do it and make sure that is is up and running safely. Always have a carbon monoxide detector in the home in case the smoke from the generator comes into the home. The average cost of a diesel powered generator runs between $2000 to $15,000 depending on your wattage needs.

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