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Biodiesel Power Generator

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Many people opting for generators are looking into the biodiesel power generators. Just what is biodiesel? It is a component of vegetable oils made of mostly corn and soy oil. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. Biodiesel power generators burn clean, and have a significant reduction in emissions, and pollutants. Using biodiesel emits 85% less cancer causing agents to the human population and is a renewable resource.

How Biodiesel Power Generators Work

Instead of using just diesel fuel, many companies offer a mixture of diesel fuel mixed in with different types of natural oils. Such as soybean oil, poultry fat, beef tallow, and cottonseed oil are some of the types of oils used in the makeup of biodiesel fuel. It is all completely reused oils as well as new oils. Because it is a clean emission-free fuel and not fossil fuel, it is safer for the earth to burn. These generators contain a motor that burns petrol or diesel (mixed with 5-8% oils) and a generator head that converts power into electricity through an electromagnetic induction procedures.

Pros of a Biodiesel Power Generator

An added advantage of using a biodiesel power generator, is that there is less carbon monoxide, and is safer to transport because it is less flammable compared to gasoline or natural gas components. Due to the longer shelf life, this product gives a longer engine and motor life giving the biodiesel power generators longer running life. They out last and perform better than gasoline generators.

The largest pro in choosing a biodiesel power generator is that you can completely live “off-grid”. This means that you are able to live self sufficiently without using the electricity that electric companies provide. (Using the electrical grids offered by electric companies also depletes the earth of its natural resources). It powers up a full home, or even a town.

Cons of a Biodiesel Power Generator

The few cons to be considered when buying biodiesel power generators are having to install large storing tanks which raises the cost of the system, and the availability of biodegradable fuel may become scarce during power outages and blackouts. Acquiring the fuel is heavy and requires more planning ahead to load and unload compared to a gasoline powered generator.

Another disadvantage is the cost of using biodiesel fuel, it is not much cheaper than using other options for fuel. However, it is cleaner and safer for everyone around including the earth’s ozone layer issues.

Buying Guide/Tips

When buying biodiesel power generators, always check online or at stores to get feedback on both the pros and cons of the product. Check your community’s noise level acceptance according to their guidelines. Biodiesel generators are loud. They produce enough unwanted noise that it might be wise to build a sound proof protection barrier to reduce the noise. Plan ahead when considering all your options, this gives a person better transition and ease towards the purchasing of a biodiesel generator. Prices start at $1000.00 and on up.

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