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Allpower Generators

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About and History of Allpower

Allpower is a global manufacturing company that distributes a wide range of equipment and power tools. Their inventory includes portable generators, pressure washers, air compressors, lawn mowers, snow blowers and engines. All their equipment and tools are manufactured at the highest quality to ensure optimal performance and durability. You will find their offices scattered across California, Toronto, and Puerto Rico; with their headquarters in North Carolina.

Allpower controls over six million square feet of manufacturing territory, making them one of the largest companies in the industry. Here we will look at a brief overview of portable generators offered by Allpower.

What Type of Generators Do Allpower Sell?

Allpower offers a selection of portable generators for various scenarios when an alternative source of electricity is required. If you are a regular camper or an outdoor barbeque host, an Allpower portable generator can come in handy.

Available options include gasoline, propane powered, diesel, electric and stroke portable generators. Before purchasing a generator ensure that it’s suitable to power your property and appliances.

Electric generators operate on overhead valve engines which transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. Diesel generators like the APG3203 run on biodiesel but will also work with regular diesel fuel you get at the gas station. They are much more stable than gasoline generators like APGG7500 which are more flammable. Propane has a longer shelf life than gasoline, burns cleaner and comes with a quieter engine.

They’re a convenient source of electrical power in areas that are inaccessible using outdoor extension cords. However, to avoid possible hazards you should never use a portable generator indoor, though they are ideal for remote areas.

How much are Allpower Generators? (Cost and Price List)

You can find All-power generators from the price range of $126 to $1050. The 900-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable 2 Stroke Generator is of the lowest price. You will find the 2800-Watt Propane Powered Portable generator on the mid rice range while a dual fuel generator like the 12,000-Watt Dual Fuel Propane and Gasoline Powered Electric Start comes on the expensive side.

Allpower Generators Dealers

There are numerous dealers in All-power generators throughout the globe. To find the nearest one to you, you can take the following steps.
• Go to goggle
• Type all-power generator dealers: lots of dealers will be presented to you but watch out for the ones with all-power
• Click on the ones with all-power to open their websites

Find Allpower Generators Dealers Near Me

Allpower Generators Warranty

The warranty starts when a customer/vendor purchases any of the units from the JD North America directly or any accredited dealer. The products are covered by two types of warranty; commercial and residential warranty. A 1-2 years/250-500 hours manufacturer warranty is covered in the residential warranty while the commercial warranty includes a 90 days limited parts and labor manufacture warranty. Note that the model you go for will determine the warranty you get and it can be found in the owner’s manual.

Are Allpower Generators Good?

It incorporates a meter that helps to maintain the generator easily. It has also been applauded for its many outlet and quiet operation. Also, the engine is powerful, and it is entirely made of durable materials that ensure it serves you for as long as you like. Also, most of the All-power generators are easy to transport. However, there have been complaints of propane pumps requiring premature changes. Nevertheless, you won’t regret owning one because they are very efficient when it comes to performance.

Who Makes Allpower Generators? Where Are Allpower Generators Made?

All Power America is a global distributor and manufacturer of outdoor power equipment with his
headquater in North Carolina. At the time of writing, we are not aware if Allpower generators are made in China, US or any other countries. This page will be updated once we have this information.

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