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Champion Generators

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About and History of Champion

Champion Power Equipment has established a reputation for producing fine power equipment since their inception in 2003. Their product line includes generators, winches, engines, log splitters, transfer pumps, inverters and a number of accessories. Champion power has sold over two million generators and are currently industry leaders. In this post we’ll look at generators offered by Champion.

What Type of Generators Do Champion Sell?

Generators offered by Champion include: Home standby, portable and inverters. Home standby generators power on automatically to supply electricity to your property during a blackout. Since it is connected to your gas line there is generally no need to refill. Portable generators, unlike standby ones, are not to be used inside the home and are ideal for outdoor recreational activities. From heavy duty 9,500 watt generators to 2,000 watt inverters Champion offers a number of portable solutions to buyers.

Champion offers a wide selection of generators that you can choose from. Whether you’re looking for a portable generator or a standby, you’ll likely find one with Champion.

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How much are Champion Generators? (Cost and Price List)

With Champion generators, you can get convenient and versatile generators that provide power from 1200 watts to 12,000 watts. The brand offers more than 70 models of portable generators and up to 8 models of home standby generators with varying prices. You can get the cheapest portable champion generators like Champion Power Equipment model 100403 and 100458 Portable Generator around $250. However, the most expensive ones, like the Champion Power Equipment model 100111, can be around $2,000 plus. The price of the home standby generators can be between $2000 and $4000 or more depending on the kilowatt and AMP.

Champion Generators Dealers

Champion has lots of retailers, and you can also find your nearest authorized dealer by entering the city, state, or ZIP code of where you live. Some of the Champion generators’ retailers are Amazon, Absolute Generators, The Home Depot, and more. To find a retailer or dealer:
• Go to Champions homepage
• Click on ABOUT at the upper part of the page
• Click on List of Retailers to select a retailer or click on Find A Home Standby Dealer to find a dealer near you.

Find Champion Generators Dealers Near Me

Champion Generators Warranty

Champion offers 2 to 3 years of warranty on inverters and portable generators. The warranty includes parts and labor. Also, you will get a leading 10-year warranty for home standby generators.

Are Champion Generators Good?

Champion generators offer excellent power and come with innovative technology such as the convenient remote starting function and dual-fuel technology. Also, the brand offers one of the best customer services ever. Even though some users complained of control panel limitations, Champion generators provide unparalleled durability and performance.

Who Makes Champion Generators? Where Are Champion Generators Made?

Champion Power Equipment has been a leading producer of generators and other equipment since 2003. Drawing on the expertise of American engineers, the brand has been designed in the United States while the engines are manufactured in China. Despite this, many of the components and designs remain in the United States, resulting in a uniquely American product.

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