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Sportsman Generators

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About and History of Sportsman

Sportsman has some of the most pocket-friendly power-generating units on the market today. Sportsman generators compete favorably with pricier brands in usability and overall performance. A quick search on Google shows some incredible feedback and ratings Sportsman generators have earned from current users.

The Sportsman generator brand is just one of many other lines of products under an import-and-distribution company based in America, known as Buffalo Corporation. Buffalo Corp. has been around for more than 5 decades and has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Buffalo Corp. designs Sportsman generators in the United States, but they are manufactured in China. There is a remote possibility that Honda builds engines that come with most Sportsman generators. However, Honda or Buffalo Corporation do not confirm or deny this suspicion.

What Type Of Generators Do Sportsman Sell?

Buffalo Corp. sells portable Sportsman generators, many of which come with the popular 4-stroke OHV engines. Such power-generating units have the upper hand in high power output, fuel efficiency, and significantly minimized oil and fuel combustion.

The company majors in providing moderately priced commercial, household, and construction products and tools. Besides the Sportsman line of generators, Buffalo Corporation also owns many other brands. One of such brands is AmeriHome, which deals only with household products like rubber mats, dining sets, step stools, storage, and utility. The company also owns Pro-Series, a brand that deals primarily with budget-friendly home improvement tools.

Sportsman generators are excellent power sources for outdoor work, camping, etc., thanks to their long-lasting running time and durable outlook.

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How much are Sportsman Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Sportsman generators are among the most affordable units in the market today. The average cost of a Sportsman generator in the 5000-6000w range is about $590. But you will find Sportsman generators at around $1450 with up to 10,000 peak watts as well as extended runtimes.

The lowest price of a Sportsman generator is not less than $150. This category has the least potent Sportsman generators and is perfect for powering a few lights, devices, and low-power appliances.

Sportsman Generators Dealers

Buffalo Corp. does not sell Sportsman generators on its official site as it is against its policy. As soon as you identify your choice Sportsman generator, you can check out online stores like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Home Depot, Alibaba, and other dealers.

However, it must be mentioned that the Sportsman warranty does not cover products purchased from third-party retailers on eBay or Amazon.You can use the Buffalo Corp. website to search for dealers and hope to find one nearby. Depending on your location, finding a vendor and getting your hands on a Sportsman generator can be challenging.

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Sportsman Generators Warranty

Most Sportsman generators come with only a 1-year warranty. A few others even come with a 90-day warranty. This is why it is essentially important to double-check beforehand before purchasing any Sportsman generator. Second-hand or discounted products, factory seconds, etc., are not covered by this warranty.

Are Sportsman Generators Good?

Sportsman generators are good but are not the most innovative on the market. They cost only a fraction of the price of fancier, state-of-the-art generators made by Yamaha or Honda.

• EPA-approved generators
• Relatively pocket-friendly
• Single-, dual-, and triple-fuel options are available
• Decent construction quality
• Generators use 4-stroke OHV engines

• They come with incredibly short warranties
• They tend to be noisy or loud
• Some accessories – such as foldable handles, wheel kit, battery, etc. – are not included in the main package and may need to be purchased separately.

Who Makes Sportsman Generators? Where Are Sportsman Generators Made?

Sportsman is a brand of generators and other power equipment that is owned by an American import and distribution company called Buffalo Corp based in St. Louis, Missouri USA. Buffalo Tools is based in New York, USA. Sportsman generators are manufactured at facilities in China.

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