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Voltmaster Generator Repair

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During a blackout that lasts more than a few hours, a generator is your best shot at bringing back some normalcy in your home. But sometimes your generator can fail to provide the power you need, making a bad situation worse. Here are a few troubleshooting and DIY repair tips, in case you find yourself in this situation.

Voltmaster Generator Troubleshooting


No matter what generator you are using, there are always some common faults that you can look out for. Finding the cause is the key to making these problems go away. Fixing them will also be easier once the problem is identified. The problems discussed below are the ones you will most likely run into.

The engine is not running smoothly. If you notice the engine is running rough, the chances are that the fuel tank has some water or that you have poured in the wrong fuel mix.

The generator is running, but no power is available. The circuit breakers are the most common cause of no power being outputted even when the generator is on and running normally.

The engine is not switching on. Start by making sure that the engine is on by checking the On/Off switch. Another problem could be the fuel filter and carburetor or that the fuel tank is empty.

If you’re looking for Voltmaster generator repair and service manual check out the books or instructions below:

The owner’s manual for Voltmaster generators can’t be found on their official website. However, you can search by typing the Keyword “Voltmaster Generator manuals.” This brings out several search results, including the manual for Voltmaster by Wanco.

You can also go here to find Voltmaster generator parts diagram and manual for many generator models or find Voltmaster generator physical manual on eBay.

Voltmaster Generator DIY Repair


You don’t need to bother going all the way to a service center or calling for a repairman if your Voltmaster generator is experiencing any of the above-stated issues. An engine that isn’t running smoothly can be fixed by just draining the fuel tank of any water, but if it is the wrong fuel mix, then you just need to call a professional to look at it. If the circuit breakers are causing the generator not to give out any power when it is running, then you just need to reset them. And finally, if the engine is not starting, you need to make sure that fuel tank has gas. Otherwise you need to replace the filter and carburetor.

Voltmaster Generator Local Repair Shops Near Me and Certified Repair Service


Sometimes, the troubleshooting and repair tips that we have been discussing might not work, meaning that there is a much bigger problem with your Voltmaster generator. In that scenario, you need to contact a local repairman to fix it for you by searching the internet or contact an authorized Voltmaster service center. For the service center, go to their website. Hove over “Support” and then click on “Service and Troubleshooting.” On the next page click on “contact us, ” and you will be taken to the automated contact form to find a service center near you. Fill in the important details (name, phone, email, etc.), select your location and the generator you bought. Click on the “submit” button to send the information. » Voltmaster Generator support

Find Voltmaster Generators Repair Shops Near Me

Voltmaster Popular Generator Models


Voltmaster has been manufacturing generators since 2008; that is when they acquired the product line from SML industries. Here are some of the popular Voltmaster generators: Voltmaster VI3000 3,000-Watt Generator, Voltmaster VI4300 4,300-Watt Generator, Voltmaster XTP-Series, Volmaster EC-Series.

As you can see, you can pretty much repair some common problems with Voltmaster generators by yourself. But should these DIY tips fail to help you, we have discussed where to get professional help from local repairmen and service centers.

Looking for generator parts? Visit this page and find out where to buy cheap and genuine Voltmaster generator parts.

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