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Fischer Panda Generator Repair

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Whichever brand of generator you are using, there are only a few things that typically go wrong with them. If you know these common issues beforehand, it is possible to repair the generator yourself. Said that, here are some of the problems that are distinct to Fischer Panda generators.

Fischer Panda Generator Troubleshooting


There are always some common faults that are associated with machines and these faults are easy to troubleshoot. In case you too face a common fault with Fischer Panda Generator, by following our DIY repair guide you will be able to UP your Generator in quick time. The most common faults of Fischer Panda listed below with their prominent causes.

Generator fails to start. This is a common scenario when the starter is turning On the motor but the generator fails to start. The possible causes include clogging of the fuel pump, lack of fuel, fuel filter clogged and Glow plugs.

Generator producing a low voltage. Overloading is the one cause and the second reason can be faulty capacitors.

Generator producing high voltage. This is a potential defect and one reason is the use of the wrong type of capacitors.

Generator Voltage fluctuates. The output voltage can fluctuate due to disturbances in the electrical load or it could have been caused by the Motor disturbance.

If you’re looking for Fischer Panda generator repair and service manual check out the books or instructions below:

This brand offers installation manuals, operation manuals, and other helpful manuals for their generators. The manuals are available in Spanish, English, French, and Italian. To download the manual of your choice, go to the Fischer Panda website and place your mouse on Marine. Under the Resources category from the drop-down, click on Downloads. Locate the model of your generator on the next page and click on it to download its manual.

You can also go here to find Fischer Panda generator parts diagram and manual for many generator models or find Fischer Panda generator physical manual on eBay.

Fischer Panda Generator DIY Repair


If you ever face the common faults like above, you can fix them by trying these quick fix solutions given below.

If the motor is getting started but the generator fails to start, try to clean the pump and fuel filter. Check the fuel supply and check the wire connections of Glow-plugs. In case the output voltage is less than 100 Volts, it is mandatory to reduce the load and change the faulty capacitors. Similarly, if the voltage is high (above 140 Volts), check the type of capacitors and replace the wrong rated capacitors with the correct one. You can also solve this issue by checking the connections of VCS circuit board. In the case of fluctuating voltage of the generator, you need to check any disturbances associated with load itself. The motor can also be the reason, if the motor is the confirmed cause of the problem, you need to consult the service center.

Fischer Panda Generator Local Repair Shops Near Me and Certified Repair Service


Although most of the common problems are solved at user-end, if for any reason the fault remains unresolved you can adopt two options to get it repaired. The first option is to try to find out the contact of some local dealer, providing generator repair service. You can find one in your area by searching on any search engine like google. The other option is to find the Fischer panda service center near your location. To do so, open Fischer Panda website and from the Home button drop-down list, select service dealer locator, fill in your location details and click the button “Find Locations”. » Fischer Panda Generator support

Find Fischer Panda Generators Repair Shops Near Me

Popular Fischer Panda Generator Models


Fischer Panda generators are famous for marine, military and RV applications. The Fischer Panda manufactures lightweight and silent generators for both AC and DC applications. The popular models include Fischer Panda 4200 ECO 4.2 kW, Fischer Panda 20 DP, Fischer Panda 20 Mini.

By following the safety precautions and keeping the service manual beside you, you can confidently follow our recommended DIY tips to get your equipment back to power in power-outage conditions.

Looking for Fischer Panda generator parts? Visit this page and find out where to buy cheap and genuine Fischer Panda generator parts.

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