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Fischer Panda Generators

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About and History of Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda, which is manned by over 400 technicians and has expanded worldwide by establishing deals with over 70 countries, is continually providing competitive products in the market today. They lead the industry with their manufacturing of diesel generators both for military, mobile marine and vehicle applications. The trademark compact design is also a distinguishing characteristic of the brand.

Their products are also tagged ‘the only genuine 100% fresh water-cooled asynchronous generator,” asynchronous meaning not operating or taking place at the same time. The brand is also known worldwide to develop generators that are considered the quietest, smallest and the lightest. Indeed, so much power packed in one innovation.

Their history can be traced back to 1977 in Paderborn when they were still named Icemaster GmbH. It was only in January of 2007 that they renamed to what is now known as Fischer Panda GmbH. Their line of remarkable quiet generators started to emerge by 1986 as onboard power for boats and vehicles, and later on was considered the most effective among all competing units. Seeing the said improvement and spotting a potential for advantage, the company then developed such innovation and are leading in the said field.

What Type of Generators Do Fischer Panda Sell?

For those involved in professional sailing and boating, this brand’s marine generators are worth the purchase. Like all their other products, they also have compact designs and are highly efficient despite the size, which in turn will only occupy minimal space to your advantage. Also, the company understands that the best way to enjoy a pleasure cruise is to hear less of the generator operating and more of the sea experience.

Models classified under the above condition are the Panda s-Series Marines Generators and the DC Marine battery charging generators, both run by diesel, since petrol is not suitable for marine uses. Meanwhile, they also provide for vehicles that are in need of constant power. Also known for its low sound level, this feature is achieved because the generator and its parts are water-cooled.

How much are Fischer Panda Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Fischer Panda makes available AC and DC generators in different categories (military, vehicle, and marine). Each of these categories offers at least five generator models. The price of Fischer Panda varies from around $10,000 to $22,000 plus.

Fischer Panda Generators Dealers

There are lots of dealers for Fischer Panda generators. You can locate them by:
• Visiting the Fischer Panda website
• Place your mouse on the Home category on the Homepage
• From the drop-down, select Service Dealer Locator under the World-Wide Partners category
• When the page opens, you will enter your location and the radius you want the search to cover

Find Fischer Panda Generators Dealers Near Me

Fischer Panda Generators Warranty

Fischer Panda offers 1800 hours or three years warranty period for the engine, 1800 hours or five-year warranty period for the electrical alternator, and a lifetime warranty for the rotor.

Are Fischer Panda Generators Good?

Fischer Panda generators are one of the quietest, lightest, and most potent generators in the world. With their proprietary technology, the generators provide high-quality and premium performance. Fischer Panda generators may seem expensive, but they are very reliable and offers excellent customer satisfaction.

Who Makes Fischer Panda Generators? Where Are Fischer Panda Generators Made?

Fischer Panda is a brand of generators that is owned by the company Fischer Panda GmbH. Fischer Panda GmbH is a global manufacturer of power generation and other products that is headquartered in Pfullendorf, Germany. Although the Fischer Panda generators are manufactured at facilities in Germany The Fischer Panda team covers more than 500 technicians and retailers in over 80 countries worldwide.

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