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Guardian Power Generator Repair

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Guardian Power is a subsidiary of Generac Corporation. Guardian brand of generators are portable and find their applications in Home and RV power backups. The support and service to Guardian brand are provided by Generac Power Systems Inc. But before you take their services, you can perform some in-house DIY actions to repair the generators yourself.

Guardian Power Generator Troubleshooting


If you are able to find the reasons that are prohibiting the generator from normal operation, then troubleshooting the generator is not a daunting task at all. To help you repair Guardian Power generator, some of its common faults are listed below.

Generator running roughly. This usually happens when fuel valve is in Off position.
Automatic cut-offs. The primary cause behind this issue of automatic cutoffs is that the machine is installed on the un-levelled place.

Overheating. If the high-temperature indicator is glowing, it means the Guardian power generator is overheating. Possible cause is the low levels of engine oil.

The engine won’t start. Although depleted fuel tank is one of the main reasons, other causes include On/Off switch in Off position, fuel is contaminated or there are some leaks in the fuel line.

If you’re looking for Guardian Power generator repair and service manual check out the books or instructions below:

The product manuals for Guardian power generators are available on the Generac Generators website. On the homepage, click on service & support and navigate to online product support, from which you select the Product manual.

You can also go here to find Guardian Power generator parts diagram and manual for many generator models or find Guardian Power generator physical manual on eBay.

Guardian Power Generator DIY Repair


The Guardian power generators are competent enough to provide the required power to home and RV in power outage situations. The breakdown time can be minimized if the problem happens to be anyone from the above list.

To bring the generator from rough running to smooth running condition, turn the fuel valve to ON position. Automatic cutoffs happen if the machine is installed on an uneven surface. Place a spirit leveler on the top of the machine and adjust the level of the machine. In order to get rid of engine overheating situation, you need to open the oil cap on the crankcase and fill with the recommended engine oil. If the engine is not starting, fuel tank needs to be filled to the desired level. If the fuel seems to be polluted, drain all the fuel and fill the tank with fresh fuel. Also, make sure that the start switch is in On position.

Guardian Power Generator Local Repair Shops Near Me and Certified Repair Service


Even after trying all the above-mentioned repair tricks, nothing works out, you can contact the company’s certified service center or a local repair shop. The contact of local service center can be found on the internet. If you are not having the contact number of Guardian Power customer support, it can be easily found on company’s website www.generac.com. By clicking on the “service & support” button, you need to click “Find a service Provider” button and then you will be required to select your area from USA/Canada/International and fill in the area code and finally click the SEARCH button to find your nearest dealer. » Guardian Power Generator support

Find Guardian Generators Repair Shops Near Me

Popular Guardian Power Generator Models


The Guardian product line offers portable home generators and RV generators. Some of the popular models include guardian Quite source home standby generator, Guardian ultra-source Portable generator, and Guardian RV Quite Pack generator.

Generac has been in the power-generation market for the last 45 years, producing unique and highly reliable power solutions to a wide range of users. This post will help you in repairing the generator either through DIY steps or through certified customer support center.

Looking for Guardian Power generator parts? Visit this page and find out where to buy cheap and genuine Guardian Power generator parts.

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