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Guardian Power Generators

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About and History of Guardian Power

Before any confusion ensues, it should be clarified that Guardian is under the Generac Power Systems Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary. Its specialty lies in ensuring the highest quality and implementing such trait on power generation products. The line includes those for standby at home and the portable ones. Meanwhile, Generac assists through their sales and service network. Although different in divisions and names, both work hand in hand to ensure that back up power is granted to every household and establishment that needs it.

The headquarters of the Generac Power Systems is in Waukesha, Wisconsin. For more than 45 years, the company has been in operation and has been providing the market with back up power that is remarkably of top quality, thanks to their dedication in honing and perfecting their craft. These generators are indeed designed and made purely by Generac, thus they have control of how they want the output to be. Now, they are considered as a brand that is also leading in the industry with a good following as well.

What Type of Generators Do Guardian Power Sell?

Automatic Home Standby Generators
Whether installed by the time of new constructions or retrofitted in existing locations, these generators can work and provide high function when needed. Either natural gas or liquid propane may be used to power the said units.

Indeed, Guardian is well known for its line of residential back up power thus being top selling in the market. Also, they are fully automatic and are easy on the pockets. As for the occurrence of power outages, Guardian systems can, in 30 seconds, restore power.

Portable Generators
As for the line offered by Generac that includes portable generators, they named it Guardian Ultra Source. They are gasoline fueled, featuring specifications that are attributed to Generac. Among these, the twin cylinder OHVIT outlets which are full pressure lubricated and air cooled. Also, aside from the inclusion of the 2 year warranty, there is also a wheel kit and other features which work together with other specs for the generator to function best.

RV Generators
Other people are faced with the dilemma of having back up power when they travel or organize outdoor events. However, they need not worry because Guardian offers RV generators that are of three groups.

– The Impact series, which are for truck campers, pioneered in the market by being a computer controlled RV generator and the first of its kind.
– The Quietpact series, which can be associated with Class A operations is considered to be of high performance while also being of great value. Also, compared to those of the competition, it makes less noise and weighs less.
– The Primepact series, lastly, are for motorhomes classified as highline Class C or highline Class A.

How much are Guardian Power Generators? (Cost and Price List)

The Guardian power generators are an extension of the popularly known Generac generators. These generators compose of basically home standby generators. Guardian power generators can be found at a price range of $2,800 to approximately $6,000. You get these generators at a price relative to their power supply from 10KW to 24kW.

Guardian Power Generators Dealers

You can get in touch with any dealer for Guardian power generators from Generac generator’s website. All you need to do is;
• Go to the official website
• Drag your mouse and click on Products
• Look for home backup generators
• Click any of the Guardian generator set and click on where to buy
• To locate a local dealer, enter zip code on Find a Dealer (homepage) and search

Find Guardian Generators Dealers Near Me

Guardian Power Generators Warranty

Guardian Power Generators is covered with a 5-year or 2,000 hours limited warranty. This warranty covers both labor and all electrical parts save for emission components.

Are Guardian Power Generators Good?

These categories of Generac generators helps protect your home from power outages. These generators are easy to install and comes with lots of value and innovation all in one. More powerful models of this generator come with an OHV engine that can run from days to a week during severe outages. Also, these generators are eco-friendly in that they don’t emit much noise and are fuel-efficient.

Who Makes Guardian Power Generators? Where Are Guardian Power Generators Made?

Generac Holdings Inc. specializes in the fabrication of Guardian power Generators. Their headquarters are located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, alongside several other plants. In the past, Generac shipped some of their production to China; however, production has since been brought back to their home base in the USA.

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    I have a Motorhome that has Guardian generator and don’t know where I can take it to get service. Please let me know . I live Deep South Texas can you tell me where I can take it for service I live in Edinburg Tx 78541 . Thank you

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