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How to Start and Operate your Generator (Different Brands & Models)

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In this guide we provide basic steps by steps guide and videos on how to start and operate different generator models and brands. Can’t start your generator? Read our having trouble starting your generator guide.

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How to Start Champion Generator

• Check for the oil gauge in the generator, remove the oil fill cap and add oil while on a flat surface.
• Open the fuel tank cap and slowly pour in fuel gas (gasoline) into the tank until it reaches a considerable level. Ensure you do this carefully by keeping a quarter space while adding fuel into the container.
• Turn on the fuel valve for your champion generator, then move the generator to a well-ventilated space on a flat level surface for free flow of fuel.
• Once you have unrestricted airflow around the generator, turn the fuel valve to an OPEN position. This allows for an adequate supply of fuel through the carburetor to the generator engine.
• Then, move the choke lever to the OPEN position.
• Open the ignition for the generator.
• Pull the recoil starter against resistance to switch on the generator engine.
• Change the position of the choke lever to the opposite direction once the engine whirls up
• Then, you can plug in all electrical devices to get an adequate power supply.

how to start and operate a Champion model 76533 generator.

How to Start Firman Generator

• Before attempting to start the generator, turn off the power circuit and disconnect any load on the machine. Starting the generator regardless can affect your generator’s life.
• Perform the following steps; put the fuel valve, choke in ON position and turn the ignition On.
• To turn on the generator, simply pull the cord.
• Once the generator has been started and is running, put the choke back to its original position and enjoy the smooth flow of electricity.

how to start and operate a Firman 9400 generator.

How to Start Generac Generator

• Place your Generac generator in an area with enough air supply and ensure it has enough fuel in it.
• If the fuel is relatively low, buy and fill up the fuel tanker with enough fuel gas. Also, check the level of oil and color to see if it needs a refill.
• Put on the fuel valve in the ON position for easy flow of fuel to your engine.
• Then check the choke and place it in an ON position before you power on your generator.
• Put ON the power ignition and pull the recoil starter to power the generator engine. Once the engine starts running, turn the choke back to the OFF position.

how to start and operate a Generac GP5500 generator.

How to Start Honda Generator

• Turn off the Ac circuit breaker so it can start easily. Starting your generator with a load connected may become problematic if the AC circuit breaker is in the ON position.
• Check the fuel valve and ensure it is in the ON position. Also, pull out the choke rod in a closed position.
• Put the auto-throttle switch in the off position and start the engine.
• If you want to start the engine with a recoil starter, put the engine switch to the ON position and pull the starter grip to generate power.
• However, if you want to use a battery starter with an ignition system, put the engine switch in an ON position. Then use the ignition key to operate the Honda generator.
• Let the engine run for a while and place the choke in the OPEN position.
And that ends the process of starting your Honda Generator.

how to start and operate a Honda EU2200i generator.

How to Start Onan Generator

• Push and hold the switch on START until the generator engine starts.
• Do this till you notice flashes on the status indicator screen that displays during preheating and cranking.
• This preheating period may take up to 15 seconds before cranking begins. The status indicator will stay on when the starter disconnects, indicating that the generator set is running. Note that the generator set will automatically stop cranking if it does not start within a set time.
• For top performance and engine life, let the engine run for at least 2 minutes before applying the load.
• Check for fuel, oil, and exhaust leaks at the generator set. If leaks are found, make sure to stop the generator and make repairs before you restart.

how to start and operate an Onan generator.

How to Start Ryobi Generator

• New generators do not come with oil so you may have to put in fresh oil if you are starting the generator for the very first time. Also, note that these generators use quite a bit of oil during their running. So, ensure that the oil is always full before you start the generator. If the oil is low, fill it up before you start.
• Check if the battery is connected to the cables. Also check for the condition of the cables. Make sure they are in good condition.
• The next step is to check for fuel levels. Monitor the fuel level through the fuel gauge and fill the tank up accordingly.
• Next, turn on the fuel valve by moving it to the ON position to let the fuel flow through the engine.
• Check for the choke knob. Initially keep it in the on position. When the unit starts running, turn it off.
• Make sure that the circuit breaker is off and there is no load connected as this may affect the generator.
• Start the generator either by pushing the button or by pulling the cord.
• Once the generator has been started, turn on the circuit breaker.
• Wait a couple of minutes before you put any load on the generator for optimal running and then you are good to go.
• Last but not least, as with other generators, make sure that the generator is placed in a breathable location. Poor ventilation can be hazardous to life and damage the generator as well.

how to start and operate a Ryobi Bluetooth generator.

How to Start Westinghouse Generator

• First of all, ensure that your Westinghouse generator is placed in an airy space. This allows the gases to expel appropriately.
• Ensure that your generator has clean engine oil. This can be checked by locating the dipstick near the engine. Remove the dipstick and check for oil level. Most generators require an oil change after every 100-200 hours but this can also change depending on the size and the use of the generator.
• Next step is to check whether the generator has sufficient fuel in it.
• In case of low fuel, open the fuel lid and fill it up with recommended fuel.
• Next, turn the fuel valve to ON position so that the fuel flows through the engine and produces a rich mixture.”
• Similarly, turn the choke to ON position. Remember to turn it back to OFF position after starting the generator. This will help conserve fuel.
• Connect the generator to the power source. Ensure that it is located at a safe distance from the source.
• The next step is to turn on the ignition
• Start the generator and that is about it.

how to start and operate a portable Westinghouse generator.

How to Start Yamaha Generator

There are two ways to start the Yamaha generator. It is either through ignition running on battery or a pull–starter running on fuel gas to power on your appliances.

To start the Yamaha generator through the battery:
• Put on the fuel valve and press in the generator choke.
• Then ignite the generator through the ignition key and switching the key to the ON position, then START to power the engine.
• Press the choke again to enable the generator to run efficiently.
• You can put on the Eco-mode when you want low-power appliances to charge or power on.

On the other hand, if the power of the battery in the Yamaha generator isn’t sufficient or relatively low.
• Follow the usual procedure in steps 1 and 2, then pull the recoil starter to start up the generator.
• Press the choke again and leave to keep running.
• With this, you can connect your electrical appliances.

how to start and operate a Yamaha EF1000iS, EF2000iS and EF2000iST generator.

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