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Porter Cable Generators

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About and History of Porter Cable

Mastery comes with practice and constant search for knowledge. Luckily for consumers, Porter Cable generators require only minimal maintenance and operating it is manageable. Not to forget is the powerful function and long running time provided for by the impressive model from its product line, the Honda GX engine.

Whereas the outer covering of a product is for protection, what’s found inside is what makes a model run and work well. Thus, an optional cage serves as a protection for built in components that are sensitive by default. The highly evolved engine is also a plus because it ensures the safety of the internal components from being easily damaged, as usually caused by over heating. In case of over heating however, Porter Cable offers the Over Head Valve to effectively cool down the system.

If the manageable operation of the models isn’t enough, add to the key features the high quality function that results into flawless operations whenever, wherever. Even before releasing them to the market, Porter Cable ensures that the products were made according to their well known and highly regarded standards. Also, they are quality checked to guarantee minimal chances of product defects before reaching the buyers.

Meanwhile, since there is a constant rise on fuel prices, companies should lessen their costs as much as possible while still producing quality products. Porter Cable answered this issue by developing a system that is fuel efficient. Furthermore, the company maintains their emission output and still abides by the standard up until now, proving the company’s dedication for regulation. As a result, they are held as examples for saving the environment through lesser atmosphere pollution.

What Type of Generators Do Porter Cable Sell?

Porter Cable generators generate clean power, owing it to advanced features and accessories used for manufacturing it. Also, they do not emit so much noise, granting you with a manageable working environment.

As for large scale sizes, total power output from the lowest end to highest end engines range from 2500 watts to 19,500 watts and are fit for the industrial setting. Meanwhile, those used for commercial purposes or even heavy duty chores at home include H1000IS-W, H650IS-W, CH350IS, PH350IS and H450IS-W.

In any condition available, these models can perform simultaneously and impressively while being connected to many appliances. With the help of technology and constant research, Porter Cable generators are constantly updated to maximize the perks brought by latest creations that could make up the units.

How much are Porter Cable Generators? (Cost and Price List)

The Porter cable company designs portable generators mainly for home or residential purposes. They are gasoline-powered, and they are rated from 3.25kW to 10kW at different configurations and sizes. You can get the 3.5kW model for as low as $525, a 5.0kW model at $800, and 10kW at $1400 for the porter cable.

Porter Cable Generators Dealers

You can find the likes of the porter cable generators on retail stores like Amazon, The Home Depot, and many alike. Many of the authorized dealers have the trademark logo of porter cable. To locate a dealer;
• Use the keyword “Porter Cable Generator Dealers”.
• Then, you see listings of different online dealers
• Click any of them to make the choicest purchase of the generator.

Find Porter Cable Generators Dealers Near Me

Porter Cable Generators Warranty

The porter cable offers a 2-year limited warranty on their electric generators. This warranty only covers generator components, which is rendered void if unauthorized personnel repairs its part during the period.

Are Porter Cable Generators Good?

The porter cable generators make use of an over-head Briggs and Stratton engine for maximum running efficiency. It features components that ensure proper run time with minimal fuel consumption. These generators are eco-friendly as they come with idle control, which helps to reduce noise emission.

Who Makes Porter Cable Generators? Where Are Porter Cable Generators Made?

Porter-Cable manufactures a vast majority of its products out of it’s Jackson, TN. headquarters; however, the company operates a second manufacturing facility in Steinheim, Germany, where its products are produced and sold throughout Europe under the FLEX brand name.

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