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Winco Generators


About and History of Winco

Like any other company that has existed in the industry for so long, Winco, which is past its 80th year in business, has under its name a product line that includes numerous options for consumer needs. Until now they continue to impress with the units they are offering for different types of set-ups.

Knowing that the wind is a natural source of energy, two brothers by the names of John and Gerhard Albers have found a way to store energy generated from it into a battery system with six volt storage. This was back in 1927, where it was aptly called Wincharger.

Because of the ingenuity behind the creation and word of mouth among locals, every other house also wanted one for their home’s use too. There were random requests to own one for radio batteries to continually recharge and work. Thus Winco was made to cater to the needs of the said people.

It was in 1935 that the Wincharger was made public formally to belong to the roster of ingenious products in the business industry. From their base which was in Cherokee, Iowa, they proceeded with their relocation in Sioux City and have since grown.

Since the Winchargers were mainly for batteries to operate, the Zenit Corporation made a partnership in order to pair up Winco’s products with their manufactured radios. They did so by purchasing some company shares and stock, and by 1937 they included the rest of the shares granting them full control of the operations. Thus, more products were included eventually which extended to those that are finally able to provide back up power for homes.

What Type of Generators Do Winco Sell?

While there are recreational models for generators, Winco specializes more on the larger scales and those fit for heavy duty back up power. These units may even be considered not possible to exist, not until you actually find out for yourself their presence in the market. These models are named: Two Bearing Generators (for power lifts and pressure washers), Power Take Off (farming equipment) and a tri-fuel back-up generator (for homes).

Winco not only offers those mentioned above, they also provide portable generators for professional use and those for day to day use at homes, comprising of electric heaters, clock radios, air conditioners and personal computers.

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