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Briggs and Stratton Generators


About and History of Briggs and Stratton

Back in 1901, the inventor Stephen F. Briggs and investor Harold M. Stratton had an informal partnership and a business ensued. Together, they make up the Briggs & Stratton company which from the 1920’s until now provides power whether for work, home or play purposes.

By the 1980’s, the company faced the challenge of competing with premium Japanese engines which were priced lower. They were able to respond by the expansion of not only their product lines but also their presence in foreign markets.

While maintaining success, the company’s venture into the end-products business has paved way for the fulfillment of different market demands.

While successfully surpassing the 100th year mark, their The Power Within campaign remains as a testament of how they aim to connect on an emotional level with consumers. They also owe it up the belief that in every person, there is that engine that enables the drive for excellence.

What Type of Generators Do Briggs and Stratton Sell?

As they aptly display on their web page, family members and their respective possessions can be kept safe with their offering of portable generators that may be put in use in case of power outages. Anywhere you need a power; your problem has a ready solution. “The best time to buy a generator is before you need one,” thus it is beneficial to know as early as now the options that are in store for you.

For heavy working hours on jobsites, their Pro Series Generator with model number 030338-0 is fit for extreme conditions courtesy of the V-Twin OHV engine. With the combination of 10,000 running watts, their Power for Your Crew tagline would surely be fulfilled.

Below are the key stats of this model, as shown in their website:
– 10,000 running watts/12,500 starting watts
– Vanguard V-twin OHV engine
– Even with 50% load, it can run for as long as 7 hours
– It can power the likes of air compressors, drills and sprayers
– You are assured of a commercial warranty that lasts for 2 years

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