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Troy Bilt Generators

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About and History of Troy Bilt

High performing engines are much needed for heavy duty work, and Troy Bilt generators are known to possess such characteristic while also providing power for household and industrial needs. These generators are specifically designed for every buyer’s requirements and qualifications. This ensures that the capability of the said model can be maximized and no opportunity is wasted in using its services.

Being of American origin, Troy Bilt started operating in 1930 through a selling out and eventually, a merger. Now, it is under the Modern Tool and Die Company (MTD) and the company is trusted to provide the market with quality generators for the United States and Canada. Every need can be covered, from homes, constructions, businesses and heavy duty work.

Troy Bilt generators are run either by diesel or gasoline and are still fuel efficient. The engines are provided for by Briggs & Stratton, and together they function as one whole model that is packed with high performance.

What Type of Generators Do Troy Bilt Sell?

For household use, a Troy Bilt generator can provide power for as much as 5 appliances simultaneously. Thus, when an emergency arises, you can still make use of you air conditioners, computer units and even large sized ovens. Also, you need not worry about encountering product defects and damages that may be gained because a 2 year warranty is ensured with every product you purchase.

High performing models made by Troy Bilt assure uninterrupted service whether they are used only at home or at industrial sites that cater to heavy machinery. Aside from these, there are also portable versions since the company understands the need of people to travel and be on the road whether for work or leisure.

Thus, even when you are roving and traveling from one point to another, you can provide your mobile homes with power. You need not worry about lugging them around either since they are lightweight and are designed to lessen your transportation woes.

Also, Troy Bilt generators are both highly functional in any kind of environment, whether with its interior or exterior features. Packed with a good operational system, and each designed to suit a buyer’s need, a generator bought from Troy Bilt will be worth the money and the trust.

How much are Troy Bilt Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Troy Bilt Generators is made available in the form of a portable standby Generator. These Generators use gasoline as a fuel source and comes at average costs. The Troy-Bilt XP series 7,000 watts model has a cost of around $899. Note that you can get some Troy Bilt generators at a lesser price while others can be at a high price like $1000 plus.

Troy Bilt Generators Dealers

There is no record of any dealers on the Troy Bilt website. Nonetheless, tons of dealers sell the troy Bilt generators online. To locate such;
• Go on to Google search engine and enter the keyword “Troy Bilt Generator dealers.”
• This display a list of search results showing top dealers of Troy Bilt Generators
• Click to purchase the Troy Bilt generators from any e-commerce store.

Find Troy Bilt Generators Dealers Near Me

Troy Bilt Generators Warranty

Troy Bilt generators come with a 2-year warranty. This is a flex system warranty that covers manufacturing defects with parts and labor. This warranty is valid when purchased from an authorized dealer and used for its intended purpose.

Are Troy Bilt Generators Good?

Troy Bilt Generators are the best power alternatives for power outages. These Generators come with the ability to power heavy electrical appliances like light bulbs, television, well pumps, and the likes. The presence of an LCD showing power level and maintenance reminders provides additional convenience for any homeowner’s use. Furthermore, they use Briggs and Stratton engines that are long-lasting and unique fuel efficiency.

Who Makes Troy Bilt Generators? Where Are Troy Bilt Generators Made?

Troy-Bilt is a brand of outdoor power equipment, including generators, that is owned by the company MTD Products. MTD Products is a global manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and other products that is headquartered in Valley City, Ohio, USA. The company has multiple manufacturing locations across the country, including Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

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