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WEN Generators


About and History of WEN

Wen is a company with an excellent history of providing a variety of high-quality portable products. The company was founded in 1951 by Nick Anton and is most famous for revolutionising the tool world by combining tools and electricity together to make power tools. This was when WEN went from their humble beginnings to selling over 50 million units worldwide over the past five decades. Their headquarters are located in Elgin, Illinois.

Even though WEN make a variety of portable and heavy-duty generators that are suitable for a variety residential, commercial, and industrial applications, they’re mostly known for their power tools. These include chainsaws, soldering guns, jigsaws, engravers, knives, drills, wet wheel sharpeners, and many more. Their main mission is to help people, such as woodworkers, by providing them with power tools that allow them to achieve anything they desire.

It was only when the company was established enough that they ventured into other areas, such as generators. But this doesn’t mean they skimp on the quality of their generators. They offer ruggedly-built and reliable generators that provide clean and efficient energy, which can be used for a variety of applications since they’re built with versatility in mind.

What Type of Generators Do WEN Sell?

– Portable – Wen offers a lot of reliable and versatile portable generators that can be used for a number of operations when you are having your great outdoor adventure or taking a trip on your RV. You can power anything from a small TV to a microwave using their WEN 5500 portable generator that delivers up to 5000 watts.

– Residential – Having no power when a blackout hits can be more than just an inconvenience. It can also be very unsafe for you when you have to navigate your home in the dark. It also brings the security levels of your home down, making it easier for burglars to use the cover of night. A heavy-duty generator can return your household back to normal and give you enough power to run your lights and some of the appliances your need to last you during the blackout.
To that end, WEN has a great heavy-duty generator in the form of the WEN 5613K 13000-Watt generator that can provide you with enough power for days.

– Commercial – For commercial use in offices and for powering tools at construction sites, the WEN 56682 7000-Watt can come in handy and make sure that work doesn’t stall due to the occasional blackout

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