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Caterpillar Generators

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About and History of Caterpillar

Caterpillar is one of the many preferred brands when it comes to providing power generators to the market. For 85 years they have done so while gaining more loyal customers, and different parts of the world have benefited from their continued use of the products as well. The company is ready to take on any challenge of power needs, no matter the shape and size and the circumstance.

Being the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, its start can be traced back to when a merger occurred between Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L. Best Tractor Company in 1925. Clearly, the company is recognizable through their yellow logo that boldly shows the shortened brand name CAT.

An important milestone in the company’s timeline is their close call for bankruptcy during the early 1980’s. This was caused by the increase of competition that ensued between them and the Japanese brand Komatsu, making them lose almost US$1 million daily. Inevitable layoffs then resulted to strikes, and yet they dealt with it by employing new and effective strategies.

Every buyer has to work with a given budget, or else their financial state would be affected, to think there’s no easy guarantee of being able to recoup. Caterpillar understands this need to offer reasonable costs, thus their price range is manageable and they deliver purchases on the agreed date to ensure immediate use by the buyer. Furthermore, they offer the following once you purchase a generator from them:

– Product specifications that are detailed and complete so that you will know them upfront and can examine them further.
– Product reputation that has been built with good workmanship and quality outputs through time and is still trusted by consumers.
– Sizing tools and dealer consultation that are expertly handled to specifically cater to your need, resulting to good feedback.
– Financing options to guide buyers in their purchasing decisions.
– Clear communication between seller and buyer all the time to provide an easy means to clarify and confirm things all throughout the agreement period.

What Type of Generators Do Caterpillar Sell?

Caterpillar has diesel and natural gas run generator sets. Both are powered by CAT engines and are offered with different factory designed options. As for the specifications, both are also easy to modify, install and test, thus deemed user friendly. Only their ratings and power capacity may greatly vary in order to comply with different working purposes.

With CAT generators, you will remain productive and operational all throughout a day’s worth, with maximum capacity. Whichever use you have for you own set, may it be a small business or a powerhouse of a site, you can always trust CAT to do the following:

– Not sacrifice your timeline with the occurrence of sudden and unnecessary risks and delays.
– Knows the needed permits and authorizations needed for the purchase, installation and others.
– Handle the installation process with proper knowledge of the mechanics.
– Provide training on the basics of operating the units to the personnel.

How much are Caterpillar Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Caterpillar offers a wide range of generators. You can get portable generator sets and electric power systems like diesel generator sets, mobile generator sets, gas generator sets, and Olympian generator sets to satisfy home, commercial, or industrial needs. The cheapest Caterpillar generator sets are the portable home generators that you can get as low as around $500. In contrast, the most expensive ones are the commercial and industrial generator sets that can be as expensive as $24 000 and more.

Caterpillar Generators Dealers

To get a Cat generator, you can either shop online via stores like Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, AP electric and generators, Amazon, and more. Alternatively, you can or shop locally via CAT’s local dealers. To find a dealer:

• Go to the homepage of CAT
• Drag your mouse on Support
• From the drop-down options, click on Where to buy
• When the page opens, you will see a list of online shops that offer Caterpillar generators. Choose any one you like.
• Alternatively, if you want a local shop near you, click on YOUR LOCAL CAT DEALER
• The page that opens will show different locations. Click on the one near you or where you reside to find the available CAT dealers around you.

Find Caterpillar Generators Dealers Near Me

Caterpillar Generators Warranty

Caterpillar offers a warranty period of 1000 operating hours or two years on portable generators from the day you buy the generator set. However, if you register your generator within 30-days of purchase, you will be able to extend your warranty period by one year to make it a total of three years. The warranty will cover the diagnosis, parts, and labor costs to repair your generator. Additionally, you can check the original packaging for the warranty statement.

Are Caterpillar Generators Good?

According to most users, this brand of generator is an excellent choice. Whether you are playing or working, they can virtually work well in all situations. CAT generators are dependable and durable power sources. Also, they can work quietly. Even though setting up some of the generators that Caterpillar offers can cost more than some other generators in the market, CAT generators are worth it because they come with excellent features that make them an excellent buy for your money.

Who Makes Caterpillar Generators? Where Are Caterpillar Generators Made?

The Caterpillar generator brand is part of Caterpillar Inc. with his headquarter in Illinois, USA, Caterpillar generators are made in China. With facilities in Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, and Wuxi, Caterpillar generator manufacturers are well distributed. Additionally, Caterpillar produces their sets in India. They have three facilities located in Tamil Nadu and Mathagondapalli.

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