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Multiquip Generators


About and History of Multiquip

Multiquip Incorporation was founded in 1973. It is one of the biggest world-class manufacturers of products for construction, industrial market, power generation, etc. The brand has earned a reputation for providing a reliable power supply in the most demanding applications. Multiquip as a brand specializes in clean power technology which includes diesel, gasoline, and natural gas portable and standby generators. The company specializes more on the larger scales and those fit for heavy duty back up power.

Multiquip makes its products in more than 70 countries through thousands of distribution partners that are registered with them, making sure their customers are getting the best of their products all over the world. Their product portfolio encompasses light to medium construction tools, power generator, and lighting. Furthermore, the company is committed to producing reliable and high-quality products with the satisfaction of its customers in view. Minimal chances of product defects are guaranteed by putting the products through a quality check or procedure before they get to the buyer.

What Type of Generators does Multiquip sell?

The brand specializes mostly in industrial generators. This brand of generators provides a dependable job site power. High performing engines are more needed for heavy duty work. Aiming to cater power generation on job sites, Multiquip offers a product line that is built for power, efficiency and high performance. High performing models made by Multiquip assure uninterrupted service whether they are used only at home or at industrial sites that cater to heavy machinery.

And due to the capacity of their generators to meet the energy demands of many applications without any problems, they have also been used for various activities. This shows that Multiquip has its small scale customers in mind.

Multiquip generators are able to generate clean power, owing it to advanced features and accessories used in the design and manufacturing of the models. Also, they do not emit so much noise allowing for a more manageable working environment.

Gasoline powered generators – Multiquip generators have earned a reputation for providing reliable power in the most demanding applications. Multiquip’s gasoline-powered generators range from 2500 Watts to 9700 Watts. Such a range of gasoline-powered generators is fit for industrial settings.

GDP5HA (5kW/180Hz-4kW60Hz, 11-HP Honda) – the brand’s only generator that produces both 180Hz powers for high-cycle concrete vibrators and 60Hz power for standard power tools. This competent power source helps concrete contractors maximize equipment utilization.

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