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Coleman Powermate Generators

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About and History of Coleman Powermate

The advantage of companies that have long been in the industry is their built reputation and the number of followers and loyal customers they have gained through time. Coleman has this advantage, especially since they have existed since way back in 1900 and is already easily associated with the outdoor scene.

A separate subsidiary, Powermate, had been established by 1987 to serve as the generator division of the company, and that was after a new acquisition. Then in 2000, Powerstation, the product line for emergency backup power systems was established as another division by Coleman Powermate.

For 40 years, Coleman has been reaching out to consumers who are in need of quality home leisure products and those for outdoor use. Their reputation has been built stronger by their commitment towards satisfying customers with products that are worthy of every single cent spent.

Coleman prides itself in using world class engines for their generators which are assembled in the US. Also, they offer reasonable warranties to guarantee consumers with product replacements and repairs for unintended damages. The best part is the ability to make modifications on specifications in order to meet the exact need of every buyer, especially since generators are of varying functions and sizes.

What Type of Generators Do Coleman Powermate Sell?

Coleman provides the market with two groups where their different products are classified. Powermate includes the portable generators line while PowerStation includes home stand by or back up generators. These products are mostly intended for homeowners, and there are also those fit for construction work. Honda gas engines provide power for the Coleman generators.

– Powermate – there are three classifications for this category. The Premium ones are small, from camp generators with 1850 watts to the ones for homes that store 5000 watts. Premium Plus includes a line of heavy duty units for jobsites and farms which packs up 3000 watts to 8750 watts. Lastly, the Professional group is intended for contractor needs with the offering of 3 products.
– Powerstation – 10,000 to 25,000 watts. Can be used in homes and small businesses to run some appliances.

How much are Coleman Powermate Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Coleman Powermate offers portable generators that can be a great addition to live, home, and work. The price range of this brand of generator range from $289 to $700 plus. The cheapest Coleman Powermate generator is PM2000 Model #P0080900, and the most expensive one is PM9400E 50ST Model #P0081500.

Coleman Powermate Generators Dealers

You can get any Coleman Powermate generator of your choice from four retail and online stores. So how do you locate any of the available Coleman Powermate generator dealers?
• Go to their website homepage
• You will see Where to Buy at the top, click on it
• The next page will show you the available dealers

Find Coleman Powermate Generators Dealers Near Me

Coleman Powermate Generators Warranty

The warranty of Coleman Powermate portable generators is limited. It can either be 90-days, one year, or 2-3 years. You will get one-year warranty that covers parts and labor only and get two to three years for parts only for consumer use. But for commercial use, you will get a 90-days warranty that covers part and labor only.

Are Coleman Powermate Generators Good?

This brand of generator is very reliable when it comes to delivering critical backup power. They are also flexible and can be easily taken to job sites and any other place where a generator is required. With durability, performance, and design, tailgating and camping are made more comfortable. Although these generators will require frequent maintenance, they are worth every penny because they are powerful and never disappoint when you need them.

Who Makes Coleman Powermate Generators? Where Are Coleman Powermate Generators Made?

Coleman Powermate is a brand of generators that is owned by Powermate LLC, which is located in Marietta, Georgia. Powermate manufactures some of its generators in the USA. However, most of the components sourced from other companies are engineered in China.

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  1. Kenneth Pfeffer - 10/29/2022 at 10:30 pm

    I have a 15kwcoleman natural gas generator,I need to know the voltage that the voltage regulator puts out to the “EXCITER”and”EXCITATION”. I also need to know what color wire is what in the junction box on top of the generator itself.If you could help with me find out the answes to these problems I would appreciate it alot. Thank You,Kenneth

  2. Scott - 01/9/2024 at 4:49 pm

    I’m looking for a carburetor for a Coleman Powermate generator serial number is 813-50269 model number is PM 0535202.01

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