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Northern Lights Generators

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About and History of Northern Lights

Northern Lights have been manufacturing marine generators of high quality and is considered a premier provider of such products to the market. They indeed have a pioneering heritage and they use it as a guiding factor in creating products, with propulsion engines as also part of their product lines.

It was in 1958 when the Alaska Marine Sales and Service was established by Harold Johnson in Anchorage, Alaska. However, since the boating season only lasted for a while and is short lived in Alaska, the company was challenged with the need to earn more from other sources of income. In the snowmobile business, they were the pioneers and sold machines to residents of Alaska first among other brands. Furthermore, remote areas in there were also in need of power, thus they answered to this call by making land based generators as well.

Indeed, with this progress, they were soon well known for their customization of the said generators by the 1960s. Eventually, Northern Lights became the trade name while still maintaining the name Alaska Marine & Equipment to put emphasis and to highlight the handling of equipments by the business.

What Type of Generators Do Northern Lights Sell?

There are different milestones that make a company better and stronger. As for the company’s experience, they dealt with providing electricity for rural schools and villages and was under a contract with the State of Alaska. Not only that, they have also specialized in providing power systems that were self contained and withstood cold weather even when unattended. Thus, Northern Lights gained a good reputation after that and also sealed contracts with ALASCOM and EXXON to provide power for communication sites.

By 1970, the headquarters proceeded to move in Seattle, Washington. After being settled, he was able to develop brand name marine products by the mid 1970s. As a result, Alaska Diesel Electric Inc. was also formed as a new company which handled the generators of Northern Lights that were land based.

Fast forward to the year 2000, Northern Lights has successfully gained more recognition all over the world for their ability to produce power for whoever needs it with good results. Also, because of the technological advancements that sprouted after the millennium, that company was also able to take advantage of the development by honing their manufacturing skills and incorporating the latest.

The year 2007 also saw another rewarding development for the company with the purchasing of Technicold. With such move, Technicold, which is a Florida based manufacturer, was then able to market Northern Light’s products. Hand in hand, they benefited each other because Technicold was well known for their ability to produce outstanding designs while also providing a customization of the products and a corresponding service that could level the quality and reliable production of Northern Lights.

How much are Northern Lights Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Northern Lights offers 5-40 kW marine generators, 50 kW + marine generators, commercial marine generators, and land-based generators. The price of Northern Lights generators ranges between $4500 to $1500 plus. Northern Lights M673lD3G 5KW/4.5KW are among the cheapest generators from this brand, while Northern Lights M12812 series are one of the most expensive Northern Lights models generators.

Northern Lights Generators Dealers

Follow the steps below to find the dealers.
• Go to the Northern Lights website
• Click on Dealers category on the homepage
• When the page opens, you will see the different dealers available for United States, Canada, Africa, and other world regions. Choose the one that best suits your location.

Find Northern Lights Generators Dealers Near Me

Northern Lights Generators Warranty

Northern Lights offers a one-year warranty period with unlimited hours for generators. After that, you will get an additional 2500 hours or a four-year warranty period. The first year covers parts and labor, the following year covers parts only, and the last three years covers some selected parts.

Are Northern Lights Generators Good?

The generators from Northern Lights help save valuable space when installed, offer high-quality components and engineering, and are resistant to electrolysis and corrosion. They may seem expensive to some users, but they are generally inexpensive, reliable, powerful, and simple to replace or repair.

Who Makes Northern Lights Generators? Where Are Northern Lights Generators Made?

Northern Lights is a brand of marine generators that is owned by the company Northern Lights, Inc. a subsidiary of Valley Power Systems. The company is based in Spokane, Washington, USA. The company’s generators are manufactured at the facility in the United States.

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