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Generac Generators


About and History of Generac

There came a time after Generac was founded in 1959 when business and home owners alike considered the company as someone they can trust whenever there was a power interruption. Generac takes pride in the fact that they pioneered the engineering of home standby generators that were affordable and as of the latest, that they have created more products than any number that amounts to the combined products of competing brands. Also, easy solutions were provided for small and mid-sized businesses with the cost effective line they developed and released in the commercial market.

Generac has embraced the industry almost wholly with the inclusion of industrial, residential, commercial and portable generators in their list of manufactured products. The company is keen in keeping consumer properties safe by providing power when needed and ensuring that they do the job right by creating products of high quality. Also, the company is dedicated to their cause, thus comes the success that they earned.

Every company should also make it a point to lobby for sustainability, especially now that the world is acting more to the extremes in terms of natural calamities, as caused by environmental degradation.

Generac answers to this call by envisioning the continuous production of ready solutions for consumers while promoting everyone’s responsibility for the protection of the environment as well. They do this by providing consumers with the option to shrink their ecological footprint if the need requires for power back up. Also, one effective way to contribute to this cause is by lessening emissions and cutting back on the amount of materials used.

What Type of Generators Do Generac Sell?

– Residential – What needs to be done in homes on a daily basis? Cooking, cooling and turning on lights to be able to do chores at night, among others. It is a persistent observation that the clamor for energy is increasing especially since resources are running low. Also, power interruptions are becoming frequent and may even last a whole day, thus wasting your chances in accomplishing important tasks.

Thus, a standby power should be readied in your homes so you wouldn’t have to put a halt into your activities as well. The ecogen series 6kw and the Quietsource series kw 22 can be among the choices for this.

– Commercial – As for businesses, a few hours lost in operations could already lose them a sale, a contract or the chance to meet a deadline. Thus, power outs are always unwelcome in workplaces because customers also are hindered from further pursuing transactions or whatsoever. Thus, always be ready to accommodate such occurrence by countering it with your Generac Commercial series 22-150 kw.

– Industrial – As for industrial needs, so much lives and operations are also dependent on power sources, among them, hospitals emergency call centers and data centers. Thus, you need a Generac generator that rubs on gaseous power for the demands of industrial applications.

– Portable – For those who are constantly on the road or are simply in need of a power source and back up while out of their homes, RV generators will prove handy and rewarding.

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