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Honda Generator Repair

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You love to fix the broken or on the functional equipment at your home. But when it comes to a generator you always run away. Why? Because you have a notion that repairing generator is rocket science. When you will complete reading this article, you will realize how mistaken you were and the money spent in paying the bills of generator repairs could have been used in buying something new for your home. So here are all those suggestions that will let you repair your Honda Generator right at your home.

Honda Generator Troubleshooting


First, you need to identify the correct cause of the problem or else you will not be able to apply any DIY techniques mentioned below. The most apparent faults in any of the model of Honda generators are described below.

The engine will not start. The most common reasons include the low level of fuel in the tank, low oil level, loose connections of the spark plug or spark plug not in good condition.

No output voltage. The primary reason behind the “no output voltage” is the overloading. Check the Overload indicator light.

No electricity at DC receptacles. If this is the case, you need to check the DC circuit protector. It’s Off condition might be the reason for no voltage at DC receptacles.
No electricity at AC terminals. To fix this issue, first you need to find the cause and the most prominent cause is the AC circuit protector is in “Off-condition”.

If you’re looking for Honda generator repair and service manual check out the books or instructions below:

To find the manual for any of the generators, find your way to the Honda homepage
• Select generators
• Scroll to reveal your specific generator product
• Click on view details below the product
• Once the new page opened, scroll down till you see the manuals
• Click on the options to view details

You can also go here to find Honda generator parts diagram and manual for many generator models or find Honda generator physical manual on eBay.

Honda Generator DIY Repair


If you face similar problems as mentioned above, you can take following troubleshooting actions before consulting an authorized service center.

In case the engine is giving starting issues and you have detected depleted tanks of fuel or oil, immediately refill the fuel tank and top up the oil with required quantity. If the spark plug is the culprit, try to clean it first, adjust the gap or finally replace it with a new one. If the machines or appliances are not working on the generator, try to reduce the load in case overload indicator is ON. Regarding no voltage on DC and AC receptacles, turn ON the AC and DC protection circuits.

Honda Generator Local Repair Shops Near Me and Certified Repair Service


Don’t be disappointed if you are unable to Up the generator by following any of the above tips. There are two more options for you to repair it. First, you can find the contact number of local service shop from any Directory or by searching on the internet. Second, you can contact the Honda’s authorized service center. To do so open the company’s website, click on the top, “ find a dealer” button, Here you need to fill in your local Zipcode or your city. Select your product(generator) and finally, choose the dealer type. You need to tick the “service” here. That’s it! » Honda Generator support

Find Honda Generators Repair Shops Near Me

Popular Honda Generator Models


“The power you can trust”, with this tagline Honda is a leading manufacturer of power equipment including generators. Honda manufactures highly durable generators for home, industry and recreation sectors. Some of its bestselling models include Honda 2000 watts EU2000i, 6500 watts EU6500 model, and heavy duty 10,000 watts EB10000 for industrial and construction sites.

A little awareness and a little focus will make you a good troubleshooter even for heavy equipment like a power generator. So keep these suggestions in mind when your generator ditches you at the most crucial time of the day.

Looking for Honda generator parts? Visit this page and find out where to buy cheap and genuine Honda generator parts.

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