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Jackery Generators


About and History of Jackery

The Jackery power generator brand believes in the innovation of portable power plant that is pollution-free (no toxic fumes and noise) for outdoor use. Jackery started in the year 2012 by a former Apple battery power engineer in Silicon Valley. The Jackery brand have one of the best innovative R & D team and manufacturers who put all efforts in bringing out the best generator products. In fact, Jackery invented its first portable lithium power station in the year 2015.

Their products are well certified to meet all regulatory, safety, and environmental standards guaranteeing a well-defined consumer’s trust. One of their latest offerings is the Jackery explorer, which is a solar-enabled power station geared towards improving mobile living and creating an additional source of electric power during power outages.

With Jackery, you get all the power you need while on the move with their eco-friendly power generators. It is well equipped with AC outlet, DC, and USB ports to keep devices like smartphones, laptops, and some small appliances like Blender, mini fan powered for use.

What Type Of Generators Do Jackery Sell?

The type of generators produced and sold by the Jackery Brand usually falls under the category of Residential, mobile, and office use. However, this is often based on what capacity it could take for any of its generator types to fit its use.

1. Residential Generators:
Staying productive at home entails having steady power to keep your home appliances in good working conditions. In recent times, there has been an increasing demand in power, thus leading to frequent power outages. The Jackery Explorer 1000 portable power station, which has a 1002Wh battery capacity, will serve the best use in a residential home to power your mobile devices(laptops, phones) and kitchen appliances (Blenders, Refrigerators, and Electric grill).

2. Mobile Generators:
You do need a portable power source for you to use outside your home if you are always on the move. You could opt for generator models like Jackery Explorer 160KWh, which can power your mobile phone up to 11 times and keep a light bulb on for a period of up to 14 hours. A photographer or any other creative artist working outside the comfort of their home can either opt for a higher model like the Jackery Explorer 240, which is capable of keeping a camera charged up to 11 times and laptop 3-4 times.

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