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Kubota Generators

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About and History of Kubota

In 1997, M.B. Zamora Group together with Kubota Corporation of Osaka, Japan and Marubeni Corporation of Tokyo made a joint venture company in the form of Kubota Agro-Industrial Machinery Philippines, Inc. or KAMPI. Kubota reportedly earns a gross sale of almost $1 billion while employing 25 thousand individuals scattered around the globe. It is indeed a large Japanese corporation, thus the moves for expansion as well.

Water-cooled diesel engines, 4 wheel tractors, rice reapers, fuel fed generators and gas engines are among the products being made available to the Philippine market. Also, since KAMPI secures the availability of the different models, they also include authorized parts for when some parts are lacking or needed in case of damage or upgrade. Also, service centers are available for consultation with any consumer concerns that need to be dealt with. It provides the warranty and maintenance services for the equipments sold and bought.

As of the moment, Quezon City is the home to KAMPI’s head office. It is also where the main warehouse, sales office and parts and service operation are located and takes place. While maintaining another branch in Davao City, KAMPI caters to the need of Filipino consumers nationwide only through the authorized dealers.

What Type of Generators Do Kubota Sell?

Aiming to cater greatly agricultural needs, Kuboto offers a product line that is built for power and performance, all packed in their models to be able to withstand the industrial work site demands. Kubota is also known for their quiet diesel engines paired with compactness for the best package.

It is very important for a product to be protected from outer damages, especially since it will be exposed to different environmental conditions. Thus, Kubota has their generators made with sturdy steel enclosures so that it can remain safe while being transferred from one place to another using the tow motor that picks it up. There is also an integrated forklift that can be found under the unit, and this also helps to make the job of moving around done.

Kubota has 4 series generators available for the consumers’ own choosing. You can choose among the GL series – LowBoy II, J series – Semi-Open, KJ series – Heavy Duty and SQ series – Super Quiet for your back up power needs.

How much are Kubota Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Kubota offers more than 30 models of generators with varying frequency (50hz and 60hz), prime output (5.5 kVA to 27.8kVA), standby output (6 to 27.8, and phase (single and three-phase). You can get the lowest priced Kubota generator at around $5,000, while those on the high-price side are around $13,000 plus.

Kubota Generators Dealers

You can locate the different Kubota generators’ dealers available globally and in your area by:
• Visiting the Kubota website.
• Scroll down, and you will see Find Sales and Service
• Click on it
• When the page opens, you will find a dealer by inputting your location, search radius, and the type of generator you are looking for.

Find Kubota Generators Dealers Near Me

Kubota Generators Warranty

Two thousand hours or 2-year warranty period is available for the Kubota engine and generator components. Also, there is a one-year warranty for the replacement engine and generator core component parts. Other parts come with a 90-days warranty. Besides, there are 3,000 hours or three years Major Component Warranty for engines only.

Are Kubota Generators Good?

Even though the Kubota generators are known to come with higher price tags, they are high-quality machines with outstanding reputations worldwide. The generators are super quiet, compact, and offers excellent fuel efficiency. The more extended running capacity and high-quality water-cooled options make the generators deliver when it counts.

Who Makes Kubota Generators? Where Are Kubota Generators Made?

Kubota is a global manufacturer of a wide range of products, including generators. Kubota is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in various locations around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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