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Pulsar Generators


About and History of Pulsar

Pulsar is one of the fastest growing brands in the world. Pulsar as an international brand offers a variety of products. These products are designed in response to the consumer’s need and convenience. Pulsar as a brand is dedicated to providing products that are designed to achieve enhanced performance and higher qualitative products. The products provided by Pulsar include portable generators, air compressors, and pressure washer. The brand is keen on designing and providing products with strong reliability and a high standard of performance.

What Type Of Generators Does Pulsar Sell?

– Portable Generators: are you looking to buy a generator that is relatively cheap and significantly portable? Pulsar offers you Pulsar PG1202s. This is a 1200 watt generator that possesses a 2-stroke air cooled motor. It has the capability to run or last up to 5 hours on a half load. This is one of the cheapest available in the markets. Its power could run the likes of power tools, camping equipment and many more.

– Inverter Generators: looking for a more efficient power source to run whatsoever you to run? An inverter generator is a better option. Pulsar brings you a variety of inverter generators. One of the major advantages of an inverter generator is portability. This means that an inverter generator is much easier to move around when the need for transportation arises. So you may want to consider one of the available pulsar inverter generators on sale.

– Industrial Generators: speaking of when the power really matters, a diesel-powered generator would be in the best position to serve you better. This is able to power heavy equipment and tools. These types of generators require less upkeep and are more efficient than other fuel types. They are also designed to meet emergency power needs. That’s why pulsar offers you Pulsar PG7000D – Diesel Generator with a7000w peak output via its 10HP motor,

– Open area Generators- Are you looking for a power source for your on sites job? PULSAR PG3250 is just the right choice for you. It is quite affordable but may not be useful where noise is as much as concern. This type may not be the quietest generator, but it is consistent and cheap.

For homes, backup power should be ma available and ready in case of power interruptions. Therefore, Pulsar offers units that are suitable and appropriate for home settings with ease of usage. Also, as an added advantage, much noise has been lessened with a good number of Pulsar products.

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