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Yamaha Generators


About and History of Yamaha

Yamaha is well known all over the world for the variety of products that they have been producing for a long time. The list includes watercraft and street bikes for transportation means, guitars and pianos for the musically inclined, among others. However, they also started manufacturing generators and haven’t stopped ever since.

Way back in 1958, street bikes were being distributed. Then Yamaha decided to venture out and extend their product line, thus the production of generators. It took them 15 years, but nonetheless, the release of ET1200 signaled the start of greater prospects.

It was followed by the EF2800i only in 1998 which as of present specializes in providing power for microcomputers and sophisticated electronics in general. Like any other Yamaha generators, it also applies noise reduction and fuel efficiency without sacrificing high performance.

From that milestone, new models were added to the product line in order to cater to consumer needs, whether in terms of size or function. Not only are there generators for the maintenance of business operations, there are also those for leisure use like outdoor trips and the likes.

What Type of Generators Do Yamaha Sell?

Yamaha generators are known to be compact, small and lightweight while still packing in a great amount of power. Whatever the purpose it is made for, it will guarantee a high level of execution for its functions. Once those are done, the output will also reflect the well managed operations that the unit is performing. Because of its flexibility and durability, a long lasting unit which can achieve impressive functions will be granted to every buyer. Furthermore, consumers do not need to hassle themselves further because the maintenance requires minimal work.

These characteristics were developed through years of dedication to fine engineering. Also, continued efforts in researching the latest in technology allowed for the acquisition of state of the art designs which are then used to manufacture the products. Furthermore, Yamaha generators are fuel efficient while letting you maximize its use for the longest time possible. Heavy household load can be handled, like air conditioners or refrigerators. There is also the Power Burst feature which can handle larger appliances and guarantee a quick start up rate.

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