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Best Generator Batteries (Reviews and Guide)

Generator sets are useful appliances that supply electrical power in case of a power outage. They prevent discontinuity of daily activities or disruption of business operations. An integral part of a generator set is the batteries. The most common reason for generator failure as reported by many generator service providers is a failed battery. While it’s possible to buy parts and repair a generator battery for many brands in this article we will provide a guide and review the best generator batteries you can buy brand new.

Based on user reviews and specs, this is our list of the BEST Generator Batteries for 2023!
Brand / Model NameOur ReviewBuy / More Info
Bright Way BatteryBright Way Battery ReviewAmazon
KMG Honda BatteryKMG Honda Battery ReviewAmazon
PowerStar BatteryPowerStar Battery ReviewAmazon
UpStart BatteryUpStart Battery ReviewAmazon

Generator Battery Buying Guide/Tips for 2023

Some of the factors to consider when purchasing a generator battery are briefly discussed below:

• The size of the battery
The size of the generator battery to purchase depends on the generator size and the kind of configuration the battery is connected in. Mostly, 4D and 8D batteries are used for larger generator applications such as 500 kW and above. Also, 3100 Series batteries are used for smaller units such as 30 to 150 kW. Additionally, 535 Series batteries are often used in mid-sized generator sets like 150 to 500 kW.

• Type of battery required
Most generator sets usually run on a standard lead-acid battery. And there are two types of battery available, and they are:

– Maintenance free, which is often referred to as a sealed battery. That is, the electrolyte cannot be added or check the specific gravity of the battery.

– Conventional, the type of cells has individual caps for filling and testing electrolyte. It simply can be maintained.
It is the best practice to use generator set manufacturer recommended batteries.

• Application
It is quite important to ensure the battery is suitable for the application. This can be done by considering the generator power demand, ambient air temperatures, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also consider the battery manufacturer’s stated lifespan of the battery, the cost vs. performance of the battery, and the warranty. Ensure to compare the currently installed battery against the manufacturer’s specifications. If the manufacturer’s specifications are exceeded, then the installed batteries are acceptable.

Our Pick for Best Generator Batteries 2023

1. Bright Way Battery


The special features of this unique battery include a 12 Volt 18 ah Reverse Polarity with the positive terminal on the LEFT and the negative terminal on the RIGHT. It is a sealed AGM Maintenance-Free OEM compatible replacement battery. It possesses threaded Insert Terminals. Another thing amusing about this unique battery is that it could be a replacement for 12V18ah-xrp, CP12180XRP, 193463GS.

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2. KMG Honda Battery


This type of battery offers a variety of qualities that include high performance, 100% maintenance free, a spill-proof design and so many others. It holds voltage longer and needs less charging in standby or storage mode and never needs refilling. It is both shock and vibration resistant. The battery is suitable for motorcycles, snowmobiles, scooters, ATVs, ride-on mowers and personal watercraft and also possesses an advanced lead-calcium technology. Its specifications include 12 Volts, 8 Ah capacity, and 151mm x 87mm x 105mm dimensions.

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3. PowerStar Battery


The PowerStar battery offers quite a number of features that enhance convenience. It comes with stable quality and high reliability. This ensures that it can be easily maintained to permit proper operation of the equipment that it powers. The battery has the capability to withstand overcharge, over discharge, vibration, and shock, and is capable of extended storage. Also, it features a low-pressure venting system, heavy duty grids, and long service float, cyclic or floats. These features ensure high recovery capability and low self-discharge.

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4. UpStart Battery


It is a rechargeable battery that can be mounted in any position. It has the capability to resist vibration and shocks. It also offers a long lasting, high performance in both low and high temperatures. The replacement battery is a factory activated, maintenance free, sealed lead acid battery. Therefore, it is always ready and easy to install. There is no need to add acid. However, it is leak free, and its sealed design prevents corrosion. The battery has a characteristic of high discharge rate, wide operating temperatures, deep discharge recover, and long service life.

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Generator Battery FAQs

How long does a generator battery last?
The life span of a generator battery basically depends on the usage which also includes the maintenance. The common life span of a generator battery when properly maintained can be up to 3 years depending on the usage, charging set up and application. In fact, the longer it is used, the shorter the life span becomes.

How often should I change the battery on my generator?
The battery of your generator needs to be replaced between 24 to 36 months – every 2 to 3 years. It is best to change them every two years to give the most assurance that the generator is going to be ready to start and ready to perform when it’s needed, especially in a power emergency.

Can I jump start a generator battery when it is dead?
The battery plays a very vital role in the generator set, detecting when the power is out so the engine can start within seconds of a power outage. The generator set also has electronic components that have to operate and just like a car; the battery gets them to work. So the answer is “YES,” you can jump-start your generator battery just like a car battery.

How can I install a battery?
Below is a great video instruction showing how to install and connect a battery to your generator:

Why does a generator need a battery?
An integral part of a generator set is the battery. Although the generator set runs on fuel, it still needs a battery to start. The main role of the generator battery is to provide power to the generator engine starter when a facility power outage occurs. The battery also runs the electronic components.

Making a smart investment in a standby generator to avoid and prevent inconveniences and potential dangers of power outages during emergencies is worth it. However, a standby generator that is without a functioning battery to start it is just like an expensive lawn ornament.

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