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Voltmaster Generators

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About and History of Voltmaster

Wanco Incorporated manufactures Voltmaster generators. The company was established in 1984 and has been the leading manufacturer of traffic control and highway safety products for over three decades.

In 2008, Wanco acquired the Voltmaster brand from Chicago-based SML industries and started making Voltmaster generators at their factory, which is located just outside of Denver, Colorado. Volmaster generators are of the highest quality and offer exceptional value to customers. They have been used in various residential, construction, industrial, commercial, military and many more applications where backup power was needed.

The generators are also distributed and supported across the United States and all over the world by over 1,000 service centers.

What Type of Generators Do Voltmaster Sell?

– Portable – When you are away from home, whether at a campsite or in an RV, but need some of the conveniences that you find at home, Voltmaster portable generators should be up for consideration. For example, the Voltmaster Model VI3000 can provide you with 3,000 running watts for six hours on half the load and a full tank of gas. If you are at a campsite, its quiet operation makes it ideal for such a situation.

– Construction – if you need a generator that can run your tools at a construction site, then the Voltmaster VI6000 can provide 6000 watts of continuous power for 7.5 hours on a maximum load.

– Residential – For residential applications, where even an entire family is involved, 5,000 watts is enough to run the lights and some appliances and entertainment systems when a sudden blackout hits. The Voltmaster Model VI4300 is the ideal model for residential applications. It delivers 4300 watts for 5 hours on a full load.

– Commercial – You also need to have your business ready to go in case of a power outage – just like your home. A backup generator is required for commercial applications because it not only keeps the business functioning but also keeps critical systems running as well that protect your data and people. A backup generator also signals professionalism, which is a huge benefit for any business.

You can make sure your business is well protected with the Voltmaster XTP-Series 5kW and 12kW models.

– Industrial – Volmaster generators can also keep industrial operations running is an emergency situation. When some industrial operations breakdown due to a power outage, such as hospital emergency call centers, lives can be at stake.
The Volmaster EC-Series have a variety of models with power ratings that range from 8kW to 325kw. These generators can meet the power demands of various industrial applications.

How much are Voltmaster Generators? (Cost and Price List)

The Voltmaster brand is home to well-graded, durably built generators. These generators include Diesel powered generator sets, two bearing generators, tractor driven PTOs, and DC generators. However, Voltmaster generators are top-end and doesn’t have a budget cost. The tractor-driven PTOs can be found at a price between $3,200 to $14,000 depending on their engine power and capacity.

Voltmaster Generators Dealers

You can locate a Voltmaster generator dealer by visiting their official website. The other option is to use search engines to find a major distributor around your location. To connect with a distributor or dealer;
• Go to voltmaster.net and look at the product list
• Click any of the product you want to buy (from Diesel-powered generators to PTOs)
• This directs you to a page showing the details of whatever product you select.
• Click on Get Pricing to reach out to a dealer when you supply some personal details.

Find Voltmaster Generators Dealers Near Me

Voltmaster Generators Warranty

The Voltmaster Generator is owned by Wanco Incorporated and comes with a limited warranty, which spans 2 – 3 years depending on generator type. Wanco warranty begins from the original date of purchase and only stays valid provided no parts are replaced.

Are Voltmaster Generators Good?

The Voltmaster generators are of high-quality standard and can provide standard power for operating electrical appliances in a residential or commercial setting. Although Voltmaster generators are difficult to operate, they are durably built and hardly develop technical faults.

Who Makes Voltmaster Generators? Where Are Voltmaster Generators Made?

Voltmaster is a brand of generators and other power equipment that is owned by the company Wanco Inc.. For the time being Voltmaster products are manufactured in the Chicago area, but Wanco plans to eventually move all manufacturing of Voltmaster products to its Arvada, Colo., production facility.

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