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Powerhorse Generators

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About and History of Powerhorse

Powerhorse portable generators are marketed by Northern Tool + Equipment. This particular brand offers a line of generators ranging from 2500 watts all the way up to 13,000 watts. The Powerhorse brand of portable generators has a variety of high-quality generators to provide electricity for several power source needs which could be commercial and industrial. They are commonly used in providing a power source at job sites for tools and air compressors. They are also used to power home appliances in the case of power outage and can be used during outdoor activities too like camping.

What Type Of Generators Do Powerhorse Sell?

As earlier stated, they offer quite a variety of portable generators which can be used for different purposes. The type of generator you would go for is dependent on the intended purposes. Such purposes are mentioned below.

– Industrial purpose: A lot of industrial activities depend on power to run as they should. That’s the more reason an alternative power source should be on standby to cater for any unprecedented power failure. Having a power source such as a generator in place to substitute for power failure can mean the difference between life and death. Therefore, generators are a necessary and long-term investment into success. Generators help to safeguard the machinery from damage which could be incurred due to a sudden or frequent power outage.

– Residential purpose: Generators are sometimes basically used as back-up and emergency power source if for some reason the home is taken off the power grid, or there is a blackout. Powerhorse offers some portable generators that can efficiently power home appliances.

– Commercial purpose: In a commercial setting, a power outage could pose as a detrimental factor to an effective business world. A power outage can be extremely costly to the commercial world.

– Outdoor purpose: Portable generators can come in handy during outings such as road trips, camping, and other outdoor activities. Mobile power sources are generally designed in the form of a power vehicle or something that could be attached just like a trailer.

How much are Powerhorse Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Available from Powerhorse is inverter generators to portable generators. All at prices that vary based on their watts. The portable inverter generator-2300 surge, 1800 watts, happens to be less pricy among the rest with a $500 price tag while the 7500 surge watts, 6500 rated watts, is the most expensive of the inverters at $3000. Among the portable gens, you will buy a 2500 surge watt, 200 rated watts, EPA compliant for as low as $400. You can likewise pay as high as $1100 for a Powerhorse dual fuel generator-9000 surge watts, 7250 rated watts, with electric start.

Powerhorse Generators Dealers

There is no official website, but there is an official store where you can get other dealers near you.
• Google search Powerhorse generators
• Click on the result with northerntool.com
• You can buy from there but if you want stores near you, click on the stores on the left side of the page
• Select see all stores and fill in the blanks appropriately to locate a store near you.

Find Powerhorse Generators Dealers Near Me

Powerhorse Generators Warranty

A warranty of 2 years is given to the products to cover private use and a 90-day commercial limited warranty. Repairs are performed on-site, and replacement parts can be easily accessed from the Northern Tool + equipment warehouse.

Are Powerhorse Generators Good?

This is a product whose fuel efficiency is well commended, and it is CARB and EPA compliant. It offers a wide range of power supply to meet individual specific needs. The Overhead Valve engine provides industrial strength for high performance, and the incorporation of Low Oil Shutdown helps protect the engine. But you might have to bear the cost of installing the wheel kit that comes with the bigger models.

Who Makes Powerhorse Generators? Where Are Powerhorse Generators Made?

Powerhorse is a Chinese brand of generators that is marketed and distributed in the U.S.A. by Northern Tool and Equipment. Powerhorse generators are produced in China but their design and quality control are done in the USA from Burnsville, Minnesota, USA.

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