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Rainier Generators


About and History of Rainier

The Rainer brand started with the business of creating construction materials for 150 years. With time they started innovating some of the best portable power stations to supply basic electricity and keep devices powered. They also manage the Westinghouse brand of generators, making Rainer generators to look similar.

Many of the generator models for the Rainer brand are designed to be fuel-efficient, hence economical to use. Never go a day without power failure in powering your electrical appliances for residential or mobile use. When it comes to generators, the Rainer brand produces two variants, which are the inverter and the traditional type.

The traditional generator variant makes use of liquefied fuel (Gasoline) for generating power. The other variant, the inverter type, comes with a rechargeable battery that stores a specific amount of power for keeping your devices charged while on the move.

About and History of Rainier

1. Industrial: The Rainer brand sells generators with the capacity to deliver a massive amount of power to operate pieces of machinery in case of emergencies. This form of power generating plant comes in the form of a traditional form that relies on gasoline for operation.

2. Residential: if you are the type who works from home, you do need a regular source of power. But there could always be a snag during a power outage. For this reason, Rainer delivers well efficient generator that could serve the best use. Both Variants of the Rainer generator (Inverter or traditional) could be a good option. For instance, Rainer R2200l is a lightweight digital inverter generator that supplies the power of 1800 wattage able to keep devices like laptops, cameras, mobile phones, Blender, light bulbs and mini cooler powered. The traditional Rainer R12000DF is a more powerful generator that supplies 9500W of power.

3. Commercial: The grade of generators the Rainer brand sells is also suitable for use in shopping malls and offices. With any of these generator models available, there would be an increase in maximum productivity.

4. Portable: For those who like traveling or going on camping expedition, some of the models of Rainer generator brands were built in a portable fashion. Since they would need a power source while on the move or they are out of their residential homes, the Inverter type (RV generator) will prove handy and rewarding for a portable power need.

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