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Onan Generators

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About and History of Onan

It was in 1925 when the firm was founded, succeeding the times when David W. Onan was still conceptualizing and developing ideas since 1916. Onan achieved many things starting in the 1920s with the small electric generating sets that he made, then came the year 1930 when the first gasoline engine was made by the company.

There were a lot of shifts in management, because from the 1960s, different persons either bought the firm or part of the shares. Finally, Cummins Inc. began its efforts in acquiring Onan by 1986 and succeeded by completion of processes in 1992. Even if it was already bought, the name Onan is still the one being used until now.

Although there is an obvious competition among those selling generators, Onan prices are deemed worthy to be spent on in terms of the total life cycle of the products they offer.

– First and foremost, industrial generators manufactured by Cummins are considered the best.
– It is best to trust a company that guarantees to be there as long as consumers need them. With such commitment, Cummins guarantees their continued existence in the market for as long as they can manage.
– Their value for quality and for consumers to be satisfied with their purchase.
– A reliable team of service dealers that have been trained to cater to consumer needs.

What Type of Generators Do Onan Sell?

In terms of commercial mobile generator set construction, Onan is considered a key player in the field. Instead of extending their product line to cover large scale sizes for heavy duty work, they specialize more on generators that are used for residential or recreational purposes. These units are commonly characterized as being small and lightweight in order to stay true to its being portable.

As for Onan’s most well known and in demand products, the RV and marine power generators are on top of the list because their right mix of power and mobility appeals greatly to consumers. Also, what is worth mentioning is Onan’s commitment in incorporating a means to lessen the noise generated by every model. This way, it doesn’t create a nuisance in every workplace or home set-up.

Unlike other companies and brands that willingly branch out to other scales and sizes, Onan is consistently pursuing portable generators that are for homes, for roving people or even just for small business. This way, they are able to develop their specialization and create an effective line that gets better through time. Also, this is advantageous because they are able to clearly show their niche to interested consumers.

How much are Onan Generators? (Cost and Price List)

The Onan Generator brand is affiliated with RV Cummings generators with varieties of diesel, gasoline, and liquid propane generators. The lowest model of Onan generator sells at $1,000, higher variants of Onan generators can be found at a price of $2,500 – $4,000. The most powerful Onan Generator, which runs at 12,000 Watts, costs around $11,500.

Onan Generators Dealers

Finding an official dealer for Onan generators around your location is easy. Now you can locate an authorized Onan generator dealer in the following easy steps;
• Go to homegenerators.cummins.com
• From the website’s homepage, click on Find a dealer
• This loads a form page to import your details to find the nearest dealer

Find Onan Generators Dealers Near Me

Onan Generators Warranty

Onan Generators guarantees their customers trust with a limited 3-year warranty. This extended and comprehensive warranty covers parts and labor for the first two years and only generator parts for the third year.

Are Onan Generators Good?

Onan Generators are the best fuel-efficient generators you can ever find in the market today. Using a generator like Onan lets you power your home without generating much pollution to the environment. In terms of construction, this generator model is well built with top-notch quality materials that would stand the test of time.

Who Makes Onan Generators? Where Are Onan Generators Made?

Onan is a brand of generators that is owned by the company Cummins Inc. Cummins Inc. is a global power technology company that is based in Columbus, Indiana, USA. Although all of Onan‘s products are now manufactured in the U. S., a few years back Onan had manufacturing facilities in Brazil and Canada.

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