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Gillette Generators


About and History of Gillette

Gillette Generators have been in the generator business for quite some time. Their brand of standby and portable generators have become a trusted sourced of backup power in many residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications for decades.

Gillette generators began their foray into the generator industry in the early 1960s when they manufactured their first generator for public use. Now it has established itself as a company that manufactures high-quality American made products. Their headquarters is located in Elkhart Indiana, where they have three huge plants that are 75,000 square feet in total size.

Their generators are manufactured from world class components like the Marathon generators ends, John Deere engines, and GM Vortec. And run on widely available fuel types such as natural gas (propane, butane, ethane, etc.), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and diesel. Gillette Generators also have different sized generators that can suit many small or large operations that require power anywhere from 12kW to 400kW.

Gillette Generators’ main aim is to provide their customers with world-class products and services that will exceed their expectations. And after being in the industry for over 50 years, they seem to be achieving their goals and giving competitors a run for their money.

What Type of Generators Do Gillette Sell?

– Residential – Sometimes power outages can come out of the blue, especially during bad weather conditions, and a standby generator can provide the necessary power to restore a bit of normal functionality in any household for hours. Their SPS-120 provides 12kW (kilowatts) of standby power and is quiet and aesthetically pleasing for home use.

– Commercial Gas – You don’t want to lose power during working hours when your business is sure to lose some revenue from a power outage, and that is why Gillette have a range of gas powered generators for your commercial needs. They have 15 models with power ratings that range from 24 kilowatts to 425 kilowatts.

– Industrial Diesel – There are many industry specific operations that need to be up and running all the time or lives will be in danger, such as data centers, emergency call centers, oil, and gas. Gillette has 25 diesel generators that can provide power from 30kW to 800kW such as the SPJD-300 and SPMI-8000.

– Agriculture/Poultry – If you need reliable backup power for your greenhouses, dairy operations, agricultural confinement houses, and other agricultural applications, then Gillette have six diesel generators that can provide power from 64 kilowatts to 215 kilowatts.

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