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Wind Power Generator

When you are considering alternative power sources, you will want to look closely at a wind power generator. Wind power can be an excellent companion to a solar power system. It only makes sense because if the sun is not shining, then the wind will probably be blowing. Having wind power can be especially helpful in the long wintertime months to capture the strong winds when there is little to no sunlight and the highest power usage. Also, consider that in most locations wind can be very useful to help fill in the gaps that can be left open by solar power.

How a Wind Power Generator Works

How the wind turbine works is actually very simple. The wind turbine is a modern type of windmill, a source of power that has been used for hundreds of years. The wind turbine will convert the kinetic energy from the wind and then will convert it into mechanical energy which will be used to produce electricity. The turbines have a main rotor shaft and an electrical generator at the top of its tower and must be pointed into the wind. The wind turbine will capture the wind and the generator will produce the electricity that will be used for power.

Pros of a Wind Power Generator

The advantages of wind power are that it is free and can be captured efficiently with modern technology. Wind power is a green source of energy and a favorite choice by many experts as an alternative energy source to the foreign oil that America depends on. Wind power will not produce harmful greenhouse gases or other types of pollutants. Even though the wind turbine can be tall, it actually will only take up a small amount of land. If the owner is off the power grid they will still be able to produce their own power supply. Wind power can help third world nations as well as developed nations of the world.

Cons of a Wind Power Generator

The disadvantages of wind power are that the wind is not always consistent and can vary in different degrees. Many people do not like to have the tall wind turbines because they say they ruin the landscape with an industrial-like image. Wind turbines can be as noisy as a car being driven at seventy miles an hour.

Buying Guide/Tips

If you are thinking about adding a wind power generator, you will want to do research first. You will want to consider the options of building one versus buying one that is already made. There are many articles online written by people who have had success and also by people that have had failures with the wind power generator. By reading their stories, if may help you to decide which way will be best for your energy needs. There are many sites available to help you build or buy a wind power generator. You will be able to shop around and find one that is best for you. Many dealers will offer competitive prices and many other perks like free shipping, no tax and low cost installation.

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