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Briggs and Stratton Generators

About and History of Briggs and Stratton

Back in 1901, the inventor Stephen F. Briggs and investor Harold M. Stratton had an informal partnership and a business ensued. Together, they make up the Briggs & Stratton company which from the 1920’s until now provides power whether for work, home or play purposes.


Allpower Generators

About and History of Allpower

Allpower is a global manufacturing company that distributes a wide range of equipment and power tools. Their inventory includes portable generators, pressure washers, air compressors, lawn mowers, snow blowers and engines. All their equipment and tools are manufactured at the highest quality to ensure optimal performance and durability. You will find their offices scattered across California, Toronto, and Puerto Rico; with their headquarters in North Carolina.


Gas Power Generator

Gas power generator is used when there is an electricity failure or blackout. These generators can supply a home with limited power wattage. Most lighting, heating and appliances are able to function fully off of a gas generator. They are also used for camping purposes, small businesses such as construction sites and communications. There are two types of generators available. The portable and the commercial (standby) types. The range of wattage available for a portable for use such as that of a home is 5000W-30kW. The commercial generator can run a large hotel and businesses such as hospitals and banks, being at the wattage range available as high as 3000kW.


Natural Gas Power Generator

Depending on the type of generators, there are two classifications. Portable and commercial also known as standby generators. A portable generator produces enough power to homes (but are usually fairly large space consumers in the yard) whereas a commercial generator provides enough electricity to power larger buildings, such as hospitals, banks and stores, and are as large as homes in space availability. A natural gas power generator is designed to turn on when there is a power outage.


Propane Power Generator

One of the smart investments you can make is to own a propane power generator for your home or business. Propane power generators are a great way to reduce the size of your power bill. If you are thinking of ways to save money, than switching to a natural gas power generator might be the answer for you. Propane is a fuel, which is produced from both natural gas and crude oil, and will burn cleaner than other types of fossil fuels. Propane power generators are also more efficient than gas or diesel power generators and will long outlast them. The propane power generators are easy to use and safer for the environment, making it the perfect green alternative for those who are interested in eco-friendly products.


Hybrid Power Generator

When solar power and wind energy are combined into a new hybrid power generator unit, they are becoming one of the best ways to help our nation free itself of dependency on foreign oils. The eco-friendly hybrid power generator is a variable speed and load adaptive electrical system that will govern the power gathered from other sources like solar and wind. Experts say, it delivers high quality power at a steady and consistent voltage, creating a frequency that is suitable for all kind of loads.


Solar Panels Power Generator

The only moving part with solar power is the earth moving around the Sun. With green products being in high demand these days, people are also looking into solar power generators as an alternative to the fossil fuel which pollutes our planet. Solar power comes from the energy that is collected directly from the Sun. The Sun’s energy is heat and electromagnetic radiation that it has created through a thermonuclear process. The heat will remain with the Sun to continue creating the necessary thermonuclear reaction, while the electromagnetic radiation will go shooting off into all directions out into space.


Wind Power Generator

When you are considering alternative power sources, you will want to look closely at a wind power generator. Wind power can be an excellent companion to a solar power system. It only makes sense because if the sun is not shining, then the wind will probably be blowing. Having wind power can be especially helpful in the long wintertime months to capture the strong winds when there is little to no sunlight and the highest power usage. Also, consider that in most locations wind can be very useful to help fill in the gaps that can be left open by solar power.