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Kipor Generators

About and History of Kipor

With the degradation of the environment, there are devastating effects that are also achieved and millions of lives are affected. Thus, it is noteworthy to know that a company such as Kipor is dedicated in ensuring that global problems are lessened while still offering quality products to the market.


Katolight Generators

About and History of Katolight

Katolight has been in operations as early as 1952, and it all started in the Midwest farm belt. They dealt with agri-business, owing it up to the location and the needs of the area. Up until now, the company is continually providing power for industrial applications, with the remarkable inclusion of government installations and hospitals among others. As of present, their line of generators is widespread, covering places like the Telesat-Satellite Communications in Macau and the National Institute of Health in Washington, D.C.


Honda Generators

About and History of Honda

Honda has gone a long way in satisfying the market’s need for automobiles and power engines. Over 40 million power products have already been manufactured sine 1953, and now the company is still successful in its efforts to provide ease of living through their services.


Guardian Power Generators

About and History of Guardian Power

Before any confusion ensues, it should be clarified that Guardian is under the Generac Power Systems Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary. Its specialty lies in ensuring the highest quality and implementing such trait on power generation products. The line includes those for standby at home and the portable ones. Meanwhile, Generac assists through their sales and service network. Although different in divisions and names, both work hand in hand to ensure that back up power is granted to every household and establishment that needs it.


Generac Generators

About and History of Generac

There came a time after Generac was founded in 1959 when business and home owners alike considered the company as someone they can trust whenever there was a power interruption. Generac takes pride in the fact that they pioneered the engineering of home standby generators that were affordable and as of the latest, that they have created more products than any number that amounts to the combined products of competing brands. Also, easy solutions were provided for small and mid-sized businesses with the cost effective line they developed and released in the commercial market.


Fischer Panda Generators

About and History of Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda, which is manned by over 400 technicians and has expanded worldwide by establishing deals with over 70 countries, is continually providing competitive products in the market today. They lead the industry with their manufacturing of diesel generators both for military, mobile marine and vehicle applications. The trademark compact design is also a distinguishing characteristic of the brand.


Coleman Powermate Generators

About and History of Coleman Powermate

The advantage of companies that have long been in the industry is their built reputation and the number of followers and loyal customers they have gained through time. Coleman has this advantage, especially since they have existed since way back in 1900 and is already easily associated with the outdoor scene.


Champion Generators

About and History of Champion

Champion Power Equipment has established a reputation for producing fine power equipment since their inception in 2003. Their product line includes generators, winches, engines, log splitters, transfer pumps, inverters and a number of accessories. Champion power has sold over two million generators and are currently industry leaders. In this post we’ll look at generators offered by Champion.