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Honda Generators

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About and History of Honda

Honda has gone a long way in satisfying the market’s need for automobiles and power engines. Over 40 million power products have already been manufactured sine 1953, and now the company is still successful in its efforts to provide ease of living through their services.

For Honda, you have the power of choice. This translates to getting power from their line of products anytime you need it and wherever it is needed. Below, as listed in their website, are the commitments that you will be assured of once you buy their products. It’s as if by entrusting your needs to them, there is that default contract between buyer and seller, apart from the ones you sign for legal settlements.

– Reliability: It is important for a product to function properly the first time it is tested. Also, it shouldn’t stop impressing from there, and Honda assures you of products that could last for years, depending of your usage.

– Fuel efficiency: This is made possible by the continued assistance of superior technology to every manufacturing method.

– Portability: It’s highly advantageous for a generator to carry out efficiency and stable function while at the same time being easily transportable from one location to another. This is applicable mainly to roving projects.

– Quiet: A unit that generates so much noise would create so many nuisances that the workplace could do without. It would be helpful to eliminate such source of noise when working, thus Honda has developed their products to be as close to silent as possible.

– No interruptions: Generally, people know of generators through black outs. Since they are designated to remedy the problem, it would be logical to develop this feature. This way, the transfer of power is consistent between the time of the shutdown and the resumption.

What Type of Generators Do Honda Sell?

– For Play: For people who enjoy the outdoors, the portable generators can contribute a lot in bringing the homey experience wherever they are. Whether heading to a camping, concerts or trade shows, you wouldn’t need to worry about your source of power. The features for this unit include fuel efficiency, portability and being super quite when in use.

– For Home: Back up power should be made ready in case of interruptions. Thus, Honda offer units that are appropriate for home settings and has a long running time while being easy to use as well.

– For Work: The workplace is a mesh of busy people trying to go about their jobs as quickly as they can in order to proceed to the other. Power interruptions are unwelcome, thus Honda provides power for a workplace that wouldn’t need to experience downtime.

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How much are Honda Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Honda generators are made for home and commercial use and are lightweight, compact, and portable. The generators range in series from EU, EM, EG, to EB. The lowest-priced generator is found among the EU series at a price range of $900. However, the EB1000 with CO-MINDER is the most expensive of the series at a price range of $6000.

Honda Generators Dealers

You could engage local shop dealers, buy online, and use a service dealer or special financing dealer when purchasing a Honda generator. To use any of the dealers,
• Visit the official website of Honda
• Look on the left-hand side, and you will find the find a dealer then click to open
• The dealer Locator page will be open for you to fill
• Fill it accordingly
• Select the type of dealer you prefer below on the dealer type
• Submit your form by clicking on the submit button

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Honda Generators Warranty

A limited warranty backs every Honda power equipment after being certified by EPA and CARB emission standards. The EB2800i and EG2800i have a warranty of 36 months when used privately and 12 months when used commercially. EU1000i have 24 months of private use warranty and 12 months of commercial use warranty while the rest of the generators have been placed on 36 months’ private use warranty and 36 months warranty, respectively. You will only qualify for the warranty when the product is purchased from authorized dealers and is available to the first retail buyer during the stipulated time. It covers the repair and replacement of any defective parts.

Are Honda Generators Good?

When it comes to the brand Honda, be sure you have purchased a quality product that offers value for money. Generators from Honda are reliable and fuel-efficient for private or commercial use. Even though you may need to provide a separate shield for it when it is raining or find it difficult to move in rugged terrain because of its casters, Honda is a brand that can be trusted to meet your power needs over a long time.

Who Makes Honda Generators? Where Are Honda Generators Made?

Honda is a global company that manufactures a wide range of products, including generators. Honda is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in various locations around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. The Honda Motor Company makes Honda engines before getting them installed in the generators in various assembly plants worldwide. The majority of their generators are manufactured in China and Japan. However, only a small portion of the generators they sell are made in the United States.

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