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Katolight Generators

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About and History of Katolight

Katolight has been in operations as early as 1952, and it all started in the Midwest farm belt. They dealt with agri-business, owing it up to the location and the needs of the area. Up until now, the company is continually providing power for industrial applications, with the remarkable inclusion of government installations and hospitals among others. As of present, their line of generators is widespread, covering places like the Telesat-Satellite Communications in Macau and the National Institute of Health in Washington, D.C.

It was in the year 2007 when Katolight, which posted sales revenues that amounted to almost $135 million starting the previous year, was acquired by Tognum Group. There was, however, no disclosure as to how much was paid for such transaction.

Being a well positioned brand, the Tognum Group welcomed Katolight with remarks on its being an asset for future operations. Also, the latter’s access to end-users have also been cited as an advantage for gaining consumer recognition of the brand and the products and services under it. Together, both have worked to be able to conquer global reign as leading manufacturers.

What Type of Generators Do Katolight Sell?

Katolight uses the tagline “Dependable Power Solutions… It’s all we do!” in representing what their company does best. Poring over through their product list, it includes any of various sizes and configurations that function for industrial, agricultural and residential means. Of course the most effective way to meet a specific demand is by following every requirement, thus their customization works well for the other party. With highly trained facilities that incorporate extensive research to its operations, customers are in for a treat with their product lines.

With the partnership of Katolight and engine manufacturers who are of top quality, every power application is done with met expectations and results. Their generators may be diesel or gaseous powered. From low to medium voltages, 15kW to 2795kW features and different functions, Katolight has them covered.

For commercial uses, there are both special and standard controls that are customized for specific needs. Aside from sets that are cooled through liquid or air, there are also those that are run by liquid petroleum and natural gas. Their home generators on the other hand require professional help for the installation process, as they should be installed permanently and mounted.

How much are Katolight Generators? (Cost and Price List)

Katolight, as a brand, offers home-standby, industrial, and agricultural generators for proper power supply. These generators come with different power ratings, and this determines their relative price value. These generators come with power as low as 5KW to 2,000KW. You can buy Katolight generators of 15kW, 18kWand 25kW at prices $300, $450, and $510, respectively. Higher power models or PTOs cost as much as $10,000 in the market today.

Katolight Generators Dealers

Getting a dealer for Katolight generators is quite easy. You can get these dealers by searching online.
• Use the keyword “Katolight Generator Dealers”.
• Then, you see listings of different online dealers
• Click any of them to make the choicest purchase of the generator.

Katolight Generators Warranty

The warranties for Katolight generators vary from 2-5 years based on the generator type. This warranty is limited, and it only applies when used in normal conditions. For the PTO generator, the warranty does for 5-years and starts from date on the factory invoice. The 5 years covers all generator parts, last 2 years for labor and parts, then 1 year for parts only.

Are Katolight Generators Good?

Katolight generators are superior products built with lasting quality for residential and agricultural needs. These generator systems feature special controls that help serve users need and efficient operation. The best part is that these generations are quite efficient with fuel consumption.

Who Makes Katolight Generators? Where Are Katolight Generators Made?

Katolight is a brand of generators produced by Katolight Corp. The company is owned by the Tognum Group headquartered in Friedrichshafen Germany. The Katolight generators are manufactured at facilities based in Mankato, Minnesota, USA.

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    hello I am looking for parts for a katolight pto driven generator, model # 250-S serial # 69614-435. the parts i need are voltmeter, brushes, brush holders & brush holder studs and brush holder springs. I have the operators manual and parts list.

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