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Westinghouse Generators

About and History of Westinghouse

Westinghouse is an American manufacturing company that was established in 1886 by George Westinghouse in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. When the company began, they were an electric company that developed electric infrastructure all around the United States and was considered to be a rival of Thomas Edison in the electricity business. Now they make a wide range of products such as televisions, 4K monitors, electronic locks, lights, generators, motors, electric turbines, and even nuclear power.


Voltmaster Generators

About and History of Voltmaster

Wanco Incorporated manufactures Voltmaster generators. The company was established in 1984 and has been the leading manufacturer of traffic control and highway safety products for over three decades.


Gillette Generators

About and History of Gillette

Gillette Generators have been in the generator business for quite some time. Their brand of standby and portable generators have become a trusted sourced of backup power in many residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications for decades.


Yamaha Generators

About and History of Yamaha

Yamaha is well known all over the world for the variety of products that they have been producing for a long time. The list includes watercraft and street bikes for transportation means, guitars and pianos for the musically inclined, among others. However, they also started manufacturing generators and haven’t stopped ever since.


Winco Generators

About and History of Winco

Like any other company that has existed in the industry for so long, Winco, which is past its 80th year in business, has under its name a product line that includes numerous options for consumer needs. Until now they continue to impress with the units they are offering for different types of set-ups.


Troy Bilt Generators

About and History of Troy Bilt

High performing engines are much needed for heavy duty work, and Troy Bilt generators are known to possess such characteristic while also providing power for household and industrial needs. These generators are specifically designed for every buyer’s requirements and qualifications. This ensures that the capability of the said model can be maximized and no opportunity is wasted in using its services.


Porter Cable Generators

About and History of Porter Cable

Mastery comes with practice and constant search for knowledge. Luckily for consumers, Porter Cable generators require only minimal maintenance and operating it is manageable. Not to forget is the powerful function and long running time provided for by the impressive model from its product line, the Honda GX engine.


Onan Generators

About and History of Onan

It was in 1925 when the firm was founded, succeeding the times when David W. Onan was still conceptualizing and developing ideas since 1916. Onan achieved many things starting in the 1920s with the small electric generating sets that he made, then came the year 1930 when the first gasoline engine was made by the company.